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Kieran Fallon phone tips

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Has anyone had any dealings with a Keiran Fallon phone tips line?

I was contacted out of the blue by a lady telling me Kieran had heard about me from friends and wanted to let me in on his exclusive tipping line. Sounded strange but when given a phone number 01638 501279 for KF racing the voice sounded very much like Mr Fallon. The deal was they gave a tip which I had to put a percentage amount of cash on for Mr Fallon and the winnings from that put into an account for him.

NowI am unsure if Mr Fallon has anything to do with this but his name is being used all over it.......anyway here comes the main issue, the first two call both losers I did not have a bet as I was still unsure of the source and authenticity. While on a business trip to Dubai I was contacted with a winner but as I was in transit/ in the air I did not get the message before the off. The next day the lady called to say great winner can you place the money in the account for Kieran, I explained the situation but was told I owed the money!!!! After one further call from the lady the next contact was from an Irishman called "Stephen" telling me the debt had to be paid and interest was now being charged to pay for his collection services, I again explained and was told with threatening tones, I had to pay and we will find you and that won't be good for you.

I had a further call 3 days later with further threats and telling me I didn't want to mess with him and his contacts. I again ignored as they had no info for me apart from name and mobile. A week later a call from someone with a Liverpool accent increased the treat level with foul and abusive language and telling me harm will come to me and the interest had gone up again. He is still calling me now but from what I believe are burner phones.

i have reported this to the Poilice and recorded all the calls.......has anyone else had an issue like this with KF Racing?

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I had been approached  by this "service" a person called Hayley Mangan rang and said my name had been mentioned to Keiron Fallon as a potential "investor" within the betting fraternity.  After a few failed pieces of "inside information" which did not receive my support I was given a  9/1 selection which duly won, but again without my support. The following day and everyday since 'KF Racing' have hounded me via various personnel ie: Hayley (Irish), a Scottish heavy, Stephen (Irish heavy) and a Scouser - the last 2 I have audio taped their "threats of knocking on my door" and approached my local Trading Standards with my concerns, after investigating 'KF Racing' with their counterparts in Suffolk they found no such company exists in that area they also contacted the BHA who confirmed they had no record of 'KF Racing'. The number 01638 501279 certainly exists as "Keiron Fallon's Office" Hayley answers phone, but when you ring afterhours I am certain the voice recording is that of KF !  I have blocked numbers 01638 501279 (Keiron Fallon's Office)  07799030982(Stephen - Irish heavy)  07824698780 (Scouse) but received numerous "Caller ID witheld" calls on a daily basis (24 consecutive yesterday) I am loath to waste the Police's time in this matter and I am certainly not being frightened into changing my number!

I can make my evidence available to whoever wishes to resolve your issue.

I have subscribed to betting services in the past (obviously their data protection is not effective) I am also concerned that Keiron Fallon may be oblivious to the situation or worse!!

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