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2018 Japanese Grand Prix

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Suzuka GP

Straight on to Japan this week and to be honest it looks like another good week for Mercedes if you take the previous results into consideration. The Mercs have won the last four races and current championship leader Lewis Hamilton has won 3 of them. 
In the last 9 races at this circuit the winner has come from the front row (6 on pole) so qualifying is going to be crucial on Saturday and bets probably best left until then.

Reliability is good here usually so the over look to be favourites and we have only had two safety cars in the last five years.


Previous Winners

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 14.03.40.png


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Japaneses GP

Early start on Sunday (6.10 am) for the next leg of the F1 Championship.  Mercedes certainly have the upper hand at the minute and it should be no surprise to anyone who has watched this sport for the last three or four years. Ferrari continue to shoot themselves in the foot and will need a miracle to win this race after Sebastian Vettel could only qualify in 8th spot. 

This time they were caught out with the weather and as a result Hamilton will start on pole in front of his team mate and they should dominate from the start as they did last week. Hamilton is a 4/11 shot and Bottas is the second favourite at 11/2. I might be tempted to back Bottas EW at that price as its not completely out of the question that Mercedes may repay Bottas for pulling over last week and letting Hamilton through. It depends on where Vettel is but its worth a thought.

Vettel is as big as 11/8 to get on the podium and although I don't fancy his temperament at the minute I reckon thats a fair price for any of his supporters.

Ricciardo has again failed to qualify in the top ten but looks a cert to reach the top 6 in the race, he's only 1/2 but its a fair bet when you think about it.

It supposed to be decent weather tomorrow with a 30% chance of rain, hopefully it will stay dry and we have a lot of finishers for the overs bet.
Going to have a sporting bet on one of the Haas cars not to finish, I still think they take too many chances and its a good chance at least one of them will come a cropper and its something to keep the race interesting.


Bottas EW  11/2 WH
Ricciardo Top 6  1/2 bet365
Over 15.5  4/7 bet365
Hass both cars to finish NO - 13/8 bet365



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