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Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

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35 minutes ago, Kentucky110 said:

@note3user Any questions just shout up and I will try and help

The principle should be the same for all Leagues (some may be better than others) But I always make sure there are at leat 70% of games being played in the round but the choice is up to you

Good Luck:hope

Morning cheers all sorted now, I got carried away and made another 15 leagues lol

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@note3userHi There

Seems quite a lot 15 leagues to keep updated :) Once piece of advice I would suggest is you keep a record of all your data

some things that could be looked at are

Whats the outcome when a team is playing an opponent that has a lower position?

Does the team with a higher league Position and Lower Rating score more goals than the opponent ?

How often do the teams playing result in a score where BTS ?

There are quite a number of variables that may help you select the more profitable selections

Currently my postings show a small loss from the beginning of the season but I am only using the 1 selection  method it may be that it would show a profit if instead of backing Over 2.5 Under 2.5 may show a profit 

Take care as this is not a get rich quick system but I believe with a little tweaking it may prove to be profitable



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@note3user Yes mine give the same ratings but there would be no selection as the "M" rating is not Lower than the West Brom Notts forest Rating which is now 14 After yesterdays results have been added.

For a second selection to qualify in a round it MUST have a "M" rating LESS than the previous selections

Hope that explains my method of making selections

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Posting early this week as I will be away for a few days.If I get chance I will try and post updates (see notes)

Picked early game Premiership Saturday depending on results there may be another selection


Selected tonight's game again depending on result the Hull v Birmingham game may change




If there are any changes then I will update when I return

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Hi Kentucky110!! I just entered the forum and read your method.
Is there a link for the final spreadsheet that you are using in order to follow your strategy.

Thanks a lot

P.s i have read all the replies but i cannot understand which link to download

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@diballaHi there this is the link but it will need updating


Last updated in October from the sheet be able to create  any league you wish

You could contact Note3User Post from 12th feb he says he can send you upto date sheets

Good luck :welcome

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Couple of games tonight

As I am working on a new interface for the program I have had to revert to the original sheet to display the selections. The selections have not changed and it makes it easier for me to keep to this format until the new program has been completed



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Anyone who has downloaded the sheet and have created their own leagues I have found an error on the sheet which will give incorrect ratings ( sheet is only checking results up to ROW 382)

To fix this 

open the sheet Select the settings TAB Highlight from E4 to AL50

Choose Find and Select and click Replace

Enter Details As Below


Click Replace All

This will fix the issue

Any questions then please ask

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