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Over 2.5 Goals a Different Method

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Looking at your league table you are missing some results ALL the teams have played 18 games so far your table is showing some with only 16 and 17 it can only calculate the rankings correctly from the data you enter always check your data

2nd query that column is correct it calculates Y for Home win over 2.5 and X for Away win over 2.5 any other result it is blank

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@chrisgasHi there I will probably wait until 50 bets have been made There was an update on 29th October post

showing a small loss of -1.84 to 1pt stakes it is currently showing a small profit.

More importantly I have found an error in the formula for calculating over bets fortunately it is only affecting the game between

Brentford and Sheffield tonight This game even though posted will NOT be recorded as a selection.

The reason being the Rating for Home is not one of the lowest 3 nor is the rating for Away even though the master is the lowest

All previousselections have been correct

any one who has downloaded the google sheet can if they wish change the formula in Cell J5 to

=IF(OR(VLOOKUP(D5,'League Table'!C$6:T$29,10,FALSE)<4,VLOOKUP(G5,'League Table'!C$6:T$29,18,FALSE)<4),"",IF(AND(OR(E5<=SMALL(E$5:E$16,3),H5<=SMALL(H$5:H$16,3)),I5<=SMALL(I$5:I$16,3)),"X",""))

copy the formula down to J16

This will correct the issue

apologies for any inconvenience if anyone needs any help then let me know



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For anyone who may be interested Updated sheet can be found in Link below (Over-Under )

Fixed the issue in Cells J5:J16

Now shows Home table League Position and Away Table league Position

You Can turn off/on Under selections Enter Y into H3  (H2 should be blank)

You Can turn off/on Rank last 4 Games Enter Y into H2 (H3 should be Blank)

H2 Blank and H3 Blank shows Over selection


If the rankings are not favourable then it shows no selection

Rank last 4 Games only shows Over selection



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Hi there they both have the same Master Rating (24) this is what the selection is based on

But why are you rating on a daily basis? There are 20 teams in the league the games from below should also be in the list.

You appear to be trying to change the rules for Rating the round of games. If that's what you want to do then carry onbut you are not following the concept of the rating system. If you check out my posts then ALL games in the round are rated I do not remove a game until all the games have been played but you must add the results once known

What are the ratings with the below Games in the List

Su 2 Dec 20:00 Acassuso - Def. Unidos  
Su 2 Dec 20:00 Estud. Caseros - Fenix  
Su 2 Dec 20:00 Flandria - Almirante Brown  
Sa 1 Dec 20:00 UAI Urquiza - Sacachispas  
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@scream2012 The Rankings would not change as they are based on the Average Total Goals for Team That is goals For Plus Goals Against divided by Games played (Home games only) this is then Ranked Highest to Lowest. The next step is to do the same for Home goals For This again is Ranked Highest to Lowest (Home games Only) these two Rankings figures whatever you wish to call then are added together This gives the Home team Ranking. Exactly the same is done for the Away team This time using the away table. Again these two figures are added together to Give the Master Ranking The Lowest being the selection

If you want to back over 1.5 then do so If you want the sheet to Show Over 1.5 instead of Over 2.5 then change the formulas in Ranking page Column L where it includes "Over 2.5" to "Over 1.5" but the ratings will not Change

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@scream2012 Hi There

If you are going to post your selections can you create a new thread this will avoid any confusion and unnecessary questions to me. Looks like you are having a little success and I am pleased you have found the spreadsheet useful but I am only interested in English leagues and would like to keep the thread confined to that



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Hi all

@chrisgasAs promised below are the next set of results (see post 29th Oct for first set) I have only been posting Over results/Selections

Still losing but I haven't given up but then I have had a bit of fun and only tiny loss to date

If anyone fancies do a bit what would the returns be if you backed under 2.5? odds look like they would have been more favourable.

I have also been working on a new formula although selections are fewer

they look quite interesting just back testing on last season using football-Data.co.uk results The new selection method gives Home win/Away Win /Over and Under 2.5. Once all the data has been painstakingly entered then I will post results

Maybe something new for next season



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