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Footy Question

Valiant Thor

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I was asked a question the other day to which I didnt know the answer too but maybe someone on here does :hope

In the racing post there are a collection of naps and selections for the day of various newspaper tipsters ie





The Question I was asked was is there anywhere that does similar with football tipsters.?

I personally have never seen anywhere that does but maybe someone on here has ,

Any Ideas ????????

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No because they're all rubbish! :lol Even newspaper racing tipsters hardly ever make a profit, or it's so small you just wouldn't bother. The list would be too long for football anyway, and as I've said a few times, the reason most websites don't provide results and only bleat about winners now and again is because they're making a loss. Think RP, Oddschecker, and every single twitter tipster out there. ;) 

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