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Cimarrones Sonora vs Atlante
2018, July 21, 05:30 hrs (CET Time)
Ascenso MX

Cimarrones Sonora
Being an almost filial team of Queretaro, the club was benefited by receiving 10 players from that team. What it takes to maintain a group of players who are already known between them will be in  favor of the team.

Within the multiple changes, in the technical direction there were also changes. Hector Altamirano received the opportunity and will lead a team that last season was very irregular, although at home Cimarrones achieved some wins victories, at away their performance was disastrous and almost ended in the last place.

The team will play with Mexican players this tournament and although in some games of last season it worked, they hope that with the changes that trend will improve and they will be able to qualify to the playoffs. Since this time the team is certified to be promoted, contrary to last season.

The team managed to enter playoffs in the last qualifying place. And the first series, they were promptly eliminated. Which determined that the team needed a change, with the departure of Bueno and the arrival of Gabriel Pereyra for a second stage with the team. They expect to improve from last match, but the team did not shown the needed financial backing and did not received the certification to be able to be promoted if the case be.

Despite the changes, they maintained the base of the team, looking for local talent, as well as a changes of foreign players. So it remains to be seen that if the reinforcements arrived to the team can find quickly they way in the hardness of the Ascenso MX.

It should be noted that the last victories of Cimarrones over Atlante have been by 1 goal, 1-0 and 2-1, so it is expected to be a close match, typical of Ascenso MX with the defensive approach and if goals appear they will be scarce.

I think the home team has advantage in this game because the base is Queretaro and that gives an edge, as they already know each other. Atlante brought reinforcements as well, but is yet to be seen  if they can also adapt to the team. Therefore we go with the home team, with Asian advantage given that in case of a tie we only lose half a bet.

Cimarrones Sonora -0.25 AH with 7 units @ 2.04 at MarathonBet

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Cimarrones Sonora 2 - 1 Atlante

+ 7.28 units

Cimarrones took the lead, for the second half Atlante was able to tie, but '5 minutes after they concede the lead again as Gabriel España scored an own goal.  Cimarrones home victory!

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Atletico Zacatepec vs Atlante
2018, August 05, 00:00 hrs (CET Time)
Ascenso MX

Atletico Zacatepec
After the defeat to Correcaminos in the season opener, the team improved with wins in Copa MX at Atlas and in Ascenso MX against Venados.

Halfway through the week returned to play in Copa MX against Cruz Azul, which is in a great moment, and the team was up to the task, tie the game twice and complicate things to Cruz Azul, however Elias Hernandez managed to give the advantage to Cruz Azul in the finals minutes. So the result was bitter for Zacatepec after a good game.

Despite the previous good results, the team is depending on the strikers to score. In the four games played they have received goals in every one of them, so they must improve in that aspect for when things get difficult for the strikers.

The team is offensive, Luis Marquez is standing out, two games already have the same number of goals as in the previous year. His arrival after his loan to Lobos BUAP is benefiting the team.

Only with Ascenso MX, because not playing Copa MX, Atlante fixed the path after the defeat against Cimarrones de Sonora with a 4-1 victory at home before the last place of Ascenso MX, the Correcaminos.

Although the team at home achieves important results, at away they are quite irregular. Of the last five away games, the team has lost four and only won against FC Juarez last March. With the pair of Paraguayans, Pedro Arce and Fernando Fernandez the team tries to put an important offensive effort. But like Zacatepec, the lack of defensive discipline comes to light and that should be their main concern.

It will be an intense game and more disputed by both teams, it is likely that there will be goals because the trend showed that in the previous matches. However I consider that the value is with the home team. Winning again after the defeat in extremis against Cruz Azul is important, besides that Atlante struggles at away.

Atletico Zacatepec - 0.25 AH with 6 units @ 1.78 at 5Dimes

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Atletico San Luis vs Atletico Zacatepec
2018, August 11, 03:00 hrs
Ascenso MX

Atletico San Luis
Unbeaten this season in Liga MX and Copa MX, the team is in a prime position to encounter this match. With a solid attack that has scored in all but one match, the opener against Mineros Zacatecas at home, from there the next four matches they have scored at least a goal.

The Argentinians C. Villagra and N. Ibañez have been in charge of scoring. Their goals have been sufficient thanks to the element that is going unnoticed despite his good work, which is the defense, which has only allowed three goals in the five matches played. Highlights especially the Cup match against Tigres UANL of Liga MX, which only allowed a single goal from that offensive powerhouse.

Atletico Zacatepec
The team has given good mathces, but their defense leaves much to be desired. Zacatepec has goal, it has scored in all matches, only twice they were hold to 1 goal, but as the defense continues without collaborating, even if they manage to score that is not warranty of a good result in the end.

The last game Atlante passed over them at home, where although they had lost to Cruz Azul of Liga MX, they had not fallen in Ascenso MX. A defeat that left them in evidence, especially the defensive failures. Fromo Zacatepec Luis Marquez with his goal to tie the score was the only good thing, but it was not enough due to the failures in the back.

Or they improve in defense, or score more goals. Otherwise nothing positive on the horizon. Their five matches have ended with 3 or more goals, I expect more focus on defense.


I think it will be an intense match and fought, that could go to either team. Everything goes through the defensive solidity that Atletico San Luis has shown at home, that together with their offensive power, they are favorites, but with the defensive failures and the offensive power of Zacatepec could bring either a close match or a feast of goals
With a great performance at home, Atletico San Luis should get a good result at home, and then focus on the difficult away match at Volcan against Tigres UANL in Copa MX, where they have the advantage of leading the group with 4 points. I believe that their defensive strength will continue to be present, since it has been the basis on which they have built their recent form. On the part of Zacatepec if they do not manage to break San Luis defense, they will hardly get anything, we go with a medium stake due to the unstable Zacatepec.

San Luis -0.25 AH with 7 units @ 1.94 at 188Bet

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Alebrijes Oaxaca vs Correcaminos UAT
2018, August 12, 02:00 hrs (CET Time)
Ascenso MX 

Alebrijes Oaxaca
With only one victory in three games of Ascenso MX, Alebrijes is in the 10th position. Only able to beat Potros UAEM at home. It is due to their performance at away in this position, he lost to Juarez and Cimarrones that this season are in the first positions.

In Copa MX, despite losing to Morelia 2-0, at home they showed better conditions and tied without goals against Chivas Guadalajara. Both teams of the Liga MX, results that keep them alive in the Copa MX, but with few options, everything will depend on the result at Akron stadium against  Chivas Guadalajara.

But at the moment, Ascenso MX that takes priority and return to play at home, where they remains unbeaten and without receiving goals, it will be an important boost. At the moment the team depends on the goals of the Argentine Luciano Nequecaur, which is risky, because if it is not fine, the team suffers. The defense has improved slightly, but needs more support from the attack.

Correcaminos UAT
Only playing the Ascenso MX, the team has had all the possible results in their three matches, victory in the first game against Atletico Zacatepec, defeat in the visit against Atlante and tie at home against Cafetaleros. The team has cemented his regular performance, in which remains undefeated at home.

At away an unfortunate image before Atlante and I think that they would seek to compensate that, but it is complicated, because Alebrijes fare better at home. On the part of his production of goals also depend on a man, Gustavo Ramirez, who made both goals for the victory against Zacatepec.

Tight and closed, typical of Ascenso MX, the defense of Alebrijes at home will be key to this game. On the part of Correcaminos it has the complicated task of not losing, since at away the past tournament did not go well at all and the sensations are not the best due to their recent results.

 Alebrijes will strive to get a victory that will return them to  contest of the first places the competition as they are used to in the last seasons. Correcaminos will not make it easy as he showed before Cafetaleros, but I think Alebrijes has the best options, the only offensive detail of both is that the goals have only come from one player, so the best option is to cover with the Asian handicap.

Alebrijes Oaxaca - 0.25 AH with 7 units @ 1.68 at Unibet

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Cafetaleros Tapachula vs Atlante
2018, August 12, 02:00 hrs (CET Time)
Ascenso MX

Cafetaleros Tapachula

Cafetaleros Tapachula is winless this season, but is has to be recognized that beside the shocking opener defeat against Potros UAEM, the team has pick up four consecutive draws, two at home and two at away.  Two in Ascenso MX, and two in Copa MX.

In Copa MX, the team has not win, but has not lost and considering that in their group is Tigres UANL, the away scoreless draw speaks volumes of what they are capable. But besides solid defending in last two matches, the team has not been able to score despite having generated scoring chances. 

Now coming back home, the team will look to get their first victory, but it does not look as simple as that. Because meanwhile they are struggling for goals, Atlante have them coming easily lately.

With an stellar performance the team claimed a good away win against Atletico Zacatepec, match where their offensive gameplay was in complete display, and with goals from D. Salazar, W. Renteria and the definitive, in a counterattack when Zacatepec was completely focused in getting the draw,  from L. Echeverria awarded with an away win that put them in the 4th position.

The team has bounce from the opener away defeat and now with two consecutives victories looks to increase their point tally in a rather complicated away match. The lack of Copa MX fatigue seems to be something positive for the team and should get them to face this match.


Atlante has two good matches and will look to ratify this in this encounter. Cafetaleros has not played bad, but has not made the needed actions to be determinant. Therefore I sense a match with constant attacking actions, and it will be up to the goalkeepers.

Atlante knows they have to give their full, playing just Ascenso MX and with the team capabilities showed in the last two matches, the team will fought fiercely as show in the away win at Zacatepec. Cafetaleros will struggle, and is yet to see if they can improve, I do not see in this match after the effort put against Tigres UANL. Therefore Atlante with asian handicap looks as the best value.

Atlante -0.25 AH with 8 units @ 2.25 at MarathonBet

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Venados vs Atlante

2018, September 29, 04:00 hrs
Ascenso MX

Venados finally won after 10 matches without doing so, 6 of them in Ascenso MX, the team has made efforts  and their defense has kept many teams to only one goal, but if the attack under performs then positive results are hard to come and now against the competition leader of Ascenso MX and good away team, thing looks dire for the home side.

Atlante has just two defeats this season, both of them at away, against Cimarrones on the season opener and two rounds ago against Mineros Zacatecas. Yet the team bounce from that defeat to another home win against Tampico Madero, and now will encounter another team on the low positions of Ascenso MX.
The team has not draw his season, as they have only wins at home and at away the same number of wins as defeats.

This match should be consider a regional derby, as both teams are part of the Mayan peninsula, yet it has failed to deliver the necessary elements.
This match will feature two of the best offesive players of Ascenso MX, with Lojero from Venados and Luis Echeverría from Atlante. But it has to be consider that Lojero has scored 80% of Venados goals and should be simple to focus on him, meanwhile Echeverría has scored only 26% of goals for Atlante, as Fernández has contributed with 3 goals together with many other players, as danger can come from anywhere. Whether home or away Atlante offesive player perform, therefore Atlante is where I found value on this match, near of securing playoffs, and playing well and scoring goals a difficult match for Venados, yet covering a possible draw.

Atlante with 7 units @ 2.00 at 1xBet

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