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21bet.com Issue - RESOLVED!

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Here's the story:

Created an account early April to bet only on exchange (powered by betfair and showing betfair odds)

Deposited 800 euros and placed my bets, all in exchange.

17th of April crazy things happened. They removed the link to betfair exchange platform and issued a statement

“due to technical issues beyond our control the 21bet exchange is currently unavailable. Rest assured that all of your pending bets are safe and will be honoured. As we are unable to provide a specific date and time for you to access the exchange however we are aiming for Friday 17th April 2018. Our customer support  team will be able to assist with any queries you have but will not be able to provide any specific information in respect of the 21bet exchange. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause you and are working hard to minimalism the disruption.”

Same text for 20th of April.

Same text for 23th of April.

Then this statement :”In light of recent problems with our Betfair exchange solution it has become evident to us that the product provided is no longer aligned with the high standards we set for the products and services we offer to our customers. 21Bet appreciate the inconvenience of not having an exchange will cause a lot of issues to our customers, we have therefore been working very hard over the past few days to provide an alternative solution that will become available as soon as the data has been received from Betfair. The new 21bet Exchange solution will be a much more stable product than previously offered and will initially act as a stand-alone product but in time will be integrated fully to our current platform. In order to gain access to your exchange account please contact Customer Support and they will assist you as quickly as possible. We really appreciate your patience up until now and kindly ask that you extend that patience a little longer as Customer Support will be busier than usual at this time.”


So they provided me a link and a password to a site  21betex.com, and it looks like they have set up their own exchange platform, different to Betfair’s.

But my old open bets in Betfair’s exchange did not show up in 21 betex.

“There are no pending bets in 21betex.”

I requested a list of my open bets in betfair exchange, since I had no longer access to them and DIDN’T take any screenshots.

You’ll have it in a moment. Nothing happened

Then got this: “Can you confirm that you want a list of open bets that you had in betfair exchange sent to you.There are no pending bets in betex

Thank you in advance.” Replied, yes I can confirm.  

Nothing happened

I chatted with them, no tel number to call them on their site.

They told me “If you have bets in-play currently and they go onto win or have won, these winnings will be added to your Exchange balance once they have been settled and Betfair have sent over confirmation.”

I asked “But WHICH are my bets?” Basically since I have no longer access to betfair exchange, have no proof to which are my open bets.

I placed bets on horse race? World Cup? What? Since I can’t see them you can tell me whatever you like

I told them I had placed bets on Eurovision song contest winner: 50 euros for Macedonia to win, with possible earnings 30.000 and 770 euro for Bulgaria to win. with possible earnings 5.500 euro and some minor for Italia which I can’t remember. I didn’t take a screenshot, that’s the problem.

5 days and still waiting the open bets list. And if they don’t co-operate with Betfair anymore, in case my bets win what happens?

Has anyone had similar case with them? Is this a possible fraud?

It should be their primary concern to reassure their clients and give them a detailed list of their open bets, since they removed the exchange access from their website.


Today I asked for a withdraw of the remaining 500 euros deposited in my account on exchange - not sporbook- section. The market I am interested (Eurovision song contest) is not listed in their sportsbook.

I get this:

“We would like to inform you that we have returned your withdrawal as per a breach of our terms and conditions which can be found under Term 6:

In the event you choose to withdraw funds from your account and have not carried out any financial activity, or if the financial activity on your account equates to a sum of less than 50% of the amount deposited by you, then 21 Bet reserves the right to charge a processing fee of 5% of the requested withdrawal amount with a minimum charge of £3.00. "Financial activity" is defined by the placing of bets anywhere on this website (voided/cancelled bets do not count).” To avoid this charge please wager at least 50% of your initial deposit before making a withdrawal.


I send a reply “Please look at your records: the amount of 500 euros were deposited only to exchange not to sportsbook. (Clients had to choose where to deposit funds sport book 21bet, or exchange)

Since you “remove" the exchange and after the frustration and suspicion that you withhold my possible winnings,  I requested to withdraw.


Additionally, looking at their terms and conditions here: https://www.21bet.com/terms-conditions nowhere to be found the above term 


Mostly worried about open bets than the commission.

First time in my life I hope it would be better my bets NOT win

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Hi @GeorgeC,

Firstly i'd like to apologise for the experience and miscommunication.
Unfortunately our relationship with Betfair abruptly ended on 17th and we worked as quickly as possible to find an exchange solution in Matchbook.
I can assure you that all funds are safe and that all outstanding bets with Betfair will be honoured. The difficulty is that the customers will no longer be able to see the outstanding bets or balance because that data sits with Betfair and not us. The way we are getting around this is that as and when outstanding bets settle we are notified by Betfair and manually adjust the players balance at our end. 
Our customer service team is obviously overrun with complicated queries around this and there may be some miscommunication which I will look in to (regarding the breach of terms). This is not the case and we will make sure the withdrawal is processed without penalty.
We are working tirelessly to make sure the transition between the Betfair exchange and our new Exchange powered by Matchbook is as smooth as possible.
I will endeavour to answer any questions as quickly as possible.
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Hello Ben 21bet,

I am trying to find a solution but i can't. I had an account with 21bet, i played in the exchange section.

For so many days trying to find anyone there, but chat don't work and no one responds in the e-mails.

What could i do to have access to your new exchange (21betex). My username and password from the former exchange don't work.


Thanks in advance

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