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Paddy power paid out on my bets and then took back the money

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Hello  I'm not sure what part to place this question in, hopefully somebody can help. I placed a bet in the 82nd min of a football match the odds were 475/1 I put €2.00 down and then in the 85th min the odds changed to 500/1 so I put another €1.00 down. Lucky for me they scored and paddy powers paid €952.00 and €501.00 into my acc I had a little over €1500,00 in my acc I went to the local paddy power shop to withdraw and the teller contacted head office to confirm the withdrawal I was allowed take €1000.00 and collect the remaining the next day. Late that night I had €510.00 in my acc with a few more bets running and paddy power came in and took my money from my account sending me a email stating the odds were wrong and making my acc a - balance I continued to win on bets and they kept taking my winnings and also suspended my acc. I have brought this to my solicitor because I have screen shots of it, I'm not sure how long it will take for him to settle this case because I was paid and it was in my acc they then stole from me. They have now changed my balance from a - to €0.00 but still suspended has this ever happened to anybody else? 

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To me the odds seemed perfect with 8 mins left in the match and then they raised the odds again with 4mins left in the game. The team is a team I don't know not popular at all. This is normal to get more money as most people will bet on it with the hope of winning and normally lose and paddy powers wins! If they thought the odds where wrong they can stop the money going through in there rules and not paying me but they settled the bets and when I went to withdraw head office permitted €1000.00 be withdrawn. My solicitor said we have no rights really in gambling but because the money was in my acc they then came in to my acc which paddy powers claims is exactly like a bank acc without my consent and took my money it will stand, I know I am right but wanted to know has this ever happened to anybody else? 

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No football match give 475/1 or 500/1 odds even in the last minute of a match . The highest I've seen is 100/1 to 120/1 and that team is losing by 3 goals with just 5-10 minutes left.

Most likely the odds are erroneous but I believe they should've sort that out way earlier. I've experienced bets that are pending for 2-3 days because of this error, and also bets that have been paid out but within 30mins - 1hour or so retracted back to pending bets. Luckily all the cases are paid out correctly in the end. 

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