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Dillian Whyte v Lucas Browne (March 24)

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I don't rate Whyte too highly, he's good, but nothing more than that. He's sloppy, wild and inaccurate a lot of the time, however who's he fighting? Lucas Browne - like Joseph Parker he's fought nobody. Chagaev was totally finished when he fought Browne, so that's dismissed completely.

Browne does look a serious unit however, and he is very heavy handed, so he has a punchers chance, but nothing more than that as his skills are very limited and he's easy to hit.

I can see Browne lasting the whole fight if he's fit and because Whyte is so sloppy at times, I just don't think he'll finish him off before the end.

Dillian Whyte Decision/Technical Decision @ 2.20 Paddys

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At around the 2/7 mark I think Dillian Whyte is too short; his two best wins came against Helenius and Chisora, both by points, his fight with Dave Allen went the distance so I have some serious doubts over his power, even at fringe world level, I also don't feel that technically he is the best of boxers either.

Lucas Browne has 22 knockouts in 25 wins; he's knocked out Chagaev, granted at the end of his career but the only man to knock him out prior to that was Wladimir, similarly he knocked out Francesco Pianetta, again the only man prior to do that was Wladimir, he has since been knocked out by Kevin Johnson.

I think that if Whyte wasn't a Matchroom fighter the odds would be alot closer than they are currently - 3/1 about Lucas Browne is a fair enough price for me, I also wouldn't put anybody off backing Browne by KO at around 6/1


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Browne looked in decent shape at the weigh in, but he must have been boiled right down as his belly was hanging over and looked about as fast as a tortoise on Xanax. :loon 

Still don't rate Whyte that highly, but if he could improve his balance and general ability, he could go up a level, but I think he's too self absorbed to do it. :unsure 

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