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Joshua v Parker Predictions (March 31)

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All I can see Parker doing here is running and trying not to be hit. He and his team talks a good game but if you can't clinically beat Hughie Fury, then what hope you can possibly have against Joshua, bar a big one landing is beyond me.

He says he's coming to go after Joshua one second and then states "you won't be able to catch me" the next.

This guy gets put away, early or late, he's getting knocked out. He's fought total nobodies and has rarely looked anything but average. His only hope is a lucky punch, or Obi Wan Kanobe.

Joshua to win in rounds 4-6 @ 3.40 Bet365 looks about right to me.

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I know David Price has a glass jaw, but Povetkin is hardly a big puncher! It's Price's final chance of anything and while we have seen him fold numerous times, I just think he has a better chance than a 10/1 shot because he has very heavy hands.

I'm not saying it's a mortgage job, but Povetkin is a workhorse rather than a KO specialist and Price can really hit, but of course he needs to land before they do!

David Price @ 10.00 bet365

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I am not AJ's biggest fan; I never been, I think he lost twice in the Olympics and was very, very fortunate to become an Olympic Champion in 2012, if those games where anywhere other than London, he wouldn't have walked away with a gold medal. That all left a sour taste in my mouth and I have always been very reluctant to give him any credit. I feel he was expertly guided on his journey to become a professional world champion and Eddie Hearn must take enormous credit. That being said, that all changed the night he beat Wladimir - he showed that nght that he had absolutely unquestionable heart, he was out on his feet in the midrounds and I think a younger Wladimir would have finished him off, but he didn't and AJ got his second wind and bludgeoned him into submission.

Now onto Mr Joseph Parker, in his earlier career he was always hyped as the man that will derail AJ's attempts to become world champ, highlight reel knockouts were common place on social media. After watching his last few fights I feel that that is alls it was; hype. I have seen absolutely nothing in Parker since he's stepped up in levels that suggests this will be anything other than a routine win for AJ, probably by knockout.

I think a slow start is on the cards as both may be wary of the others power - AJ in rounds 4-6 would be my tentative selection

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As suspected, Parker is average and just trying to hit and run. I'll give him some praise in that he didn't go down and can take a punch, but clearly outpointed. Joshua's boxing skills are very underrated because people have seen him "gas" a few times, but that's heavyweights. He seems to take his foot off in rounds 5-8 to save energy and then go up a gear again, which I guess is a good strategy.

Gutted for Price, he had Povetkin on the back foot bigtime and knocked him down, but got caught with a temple punch and gave Povetkin a free shot. I agree with Bellew that I think Price is so much better than he's shown, and could KO anyone, but his mental state is what beats him. However, he showed more mental capacity than I've ever seen in this fight.

If someone could sort his head out and get him to stop being so gun shy, he could still do some damage.


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