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2018 Australian Grand Prix

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Hamilton has grabbed pole for the last four years but has only converted one of those into a victory, in fact six of the last eight pole sitters have failed to win.

Reliability is a problem here at Melbourne, not surprising really seeing as its the first race of the season and many teams will have had insufficient testing time for the new engines. Backing the 'unders' is often the way forward here. We have had 8 safety cars in the last dozen years and with more emphasis on safety these days they do get called on quicker than they used to.


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Australian GP

So not much has changed really has it?

Hamilton on pole with the Ferraris just behind and Red Bull playing catch up.
As i mentioned before Hamilton has been here six times before and only converted twice so the 4/9 about him is pretty tight.

Bottas and Ricciardo have grid penalties for crashing and breaking rules. Bottas starts down in 15th and will be lucky to make the top 6 while Ricciardo will no doubt go for broke from 8th in front of his home fans, i'm not sure he get much beyond 5th/6th.

Haas qualified well and Force India didn't, while the new McLaren looks very much like the old one in 11th and 12th spots on the grid.

It's a very short 1/2 about 'under 15.5' finishers, it looks a good thing to be honest but the bookies are being a bit mean in week one. 1/3 for a safety car is another example of a 'taking no chances' policy from the layers.

Looking for value is tricky and I'm going to take a chance on Perez at 11/8 to get into the points, he's 12th on the grid and Force India cant have become a bad team overnight so i'm hoping their race strategy is better than qualifying.

Main Selection
S.Perez to finish in points 11/8 Hills


Treble (all 3 to finish in points)
D.Ricciardo (1/5), V.Bottas (1/4), N.Hulkenberg (1/3) : Pays Even Money at Bet365

Under 15.5 1/2 bet365
Safety Car 1/3 bet365

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