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UK Open

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UK Open starts at midday today. Alot of matches to be played early doors before the big boys come in, so in terms of outrights I think I will take a look then. Saying that, some tasty odds of players who could spring a suprise

0.5pts E/W C.Cadby to win UK Open 28/1 Skybet
0.5pts E/W M.Smith to win UK Open 25/1 Skybet

Cadby just won his first senior PDC event last month and Smith is playing really well too, topping the Premier League at the moment. Both are going to find it difficult if they meet Van Gerwen ofcourse but that is why we're offered such tasty prices. 

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6pts R.Meikle to beat M.Mansell 5/6 Skybet
One is on the up and the other on the way down. Meikle has been hitting 95+ averages recently and if he is anywhere near that today he should be beat Mickey.


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3rd round draw made. Nothing I fancy too much. 

19:00     Airey D. (Eng)       19 L    
  Lowe J. (Eng)      
  19:00     Aspinall N. (Eng)       19 L    
  Cross R. (Eng)      
  19:00     Beaton S. (Eng)       19 L    
  Wattimena J. (Ned)      
  19:00     Gurney D. (Nir)       19 L    
  Klaasen J. (Ned)      
  19:00     Henderson J. (Sco)       19 L    
  Edgar M. (Eng)      
  19:00 Walkover   Hughes J. (Eng)       19 L    
  Lerchbacher Z. (Aut)      
  19:00     Pipe J. (Eng)       19 L    
  Bunting S. (Eng)      
  19:00     Ratajski K. (Pol)       19 L    
  Webster D. (Eng)      
  19:45     Chisnall D. (Eng)       19 L    
  Meikle R. (Eng)      
  19:45     Hogan P. (Eng)       19 L    
  Nicholson P. (Aus)      
  19:45     King M. (Eng)       19 L    
  van Barneveld R. (Ned)      
  19:45     Owen R. (Wal)       19 L    
  Lewis J. (Wal)      
  19:45     Part J. (Can)       19 L    
  Evans D. (Eng)      
  19:45     Schindler M. (Ger)       19 L    
  Harrington R. (Eng)      
  19:45     Stevenson S. (Eng)       19 L    
  Wade J. (Eng)      
  20:30     Clayton J. (Wal)       19 L    
  Barnard M. (Eng)      
  20:30     de Zwaan J. (Ned)       19 L    
  van Gerwen M. (Ned)      
  20:30     Huybrechts K. (Bel)       19 L    
  Clemens G. (Ger)      
  20:30     Lewis A. (Eng)       19 L    
  van Duijvenbode D. (Ned)      
  20:30     Pallett D. (Eng)       19 L    
  Thornton R. (Sco)      
  20:30     Shepherd K. (Eng)       19 L    
  Smith M. (Eng)      
  20:30     Wright P. (Sco)       19 L    
  Rafferty N. (Irl)      
  21:15     Dobey Ch. (Eng)       19 L    
  Ward H. (Eng)      
  21:15     Evans R. (Eng)       19 L    
  Humphries L. (Eng)      
  21:15     Prins D. (Eng)       19 L    
  Meulenkamp R. (Ned)      
  21:15     Rickwood R. (Eng)       19 L    
  Anderson G. (Sco)      
  21:15     Roy A. (Eng)       19 L    
  Price G. (Wal)      
  21:15     West S. (Eng)       19 L    
  Pilgrim D. (Eng)      
  21:15     White I. (Eng)       19 L    
  Whitlock S. (Aus)      
  22:00     Anderson K. (Aus)       19 L    
  Van der Voort V. (Ned)      
  22:00     Cullen J. (Eng)       19 L    
  Brown K. (Eng)      
  22:00     Rasztovits M. (Aut)       19 L    
  Cadby C. (Aus)      

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2pts M.King to beat R Van Barneveld 7/2 Skybet
Actually sod it, I will take on Van Barneveld. Shouldn't even be in this match really as Norton should have beaten him 6-2. he had multiple chances and many match darts but he bottled it. King has been there and done it and if Barney can't be bothered, King will take this. King won the last match these two played 6-2 in the Quarter-Finals of the players championships in Milton Keynes in April.

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