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Olympics - Biathlon, Men Relay 4x7.5 km

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Guys, can't find Olympics topic, but here are two interesting propositions from the last competition from Men biathlon relay 4x7.5 km.

Germany - Norway 2.49 H2H Pinnacle

The two strongest nations are clashing each other. Germany here is in amazing shape. They placed four of their relay members on Top 12 in the sprint competition. Norway are not so fast. Also the conditions will not be so good as yesterday we saw awful winds during women relay and a lot of misses in the range. In previous Olympics Germany beat Norway.


Bulgaria - USA 2.32 H2H Pinnacle

Bulgarians are trying to put their best performence here after some disapointments of their stars Anev and Iliev. They are competing with the same team from a long time ago. The two other guys - Sinapov and Gerdzhikov showed pretty good results for their qualities in the competitions here. USA also have two good competitors, who are good shooters, but here the conditions are against them. I see this at least 50/50. Let's now forget that in the only relay in the World cup this season USA finished 24th with a lot of mistakes, while Bulgarians were 9th.

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