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Managerial Merry-Go-Round


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Hi guys,

Excellent suggestion by @Tiffy! Let's please put all manager-related betting chat in here. Roy Hodgson looks odds-on to replace Frank De Boer. What a strange episode that was. Sounds like De Boer took exception to the amount of meddling Parish and Freedman did. There's something about Freedman I just don't like. I think ever since he showed us a lack of respect in the Capital One Cup Semi Final that we won I've just never liked him. Comes across as a bit of a snake in all this too. I could be wrong.

@Mindfulness, if you could have any manager in the world right now, who would you want? Realistic and fantasy options!

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19 hours ago, Mindfulness said:

Sam Allardyce.

Big Sam is the right fit for Palace. They need a no nonsense, British manager that can maintain what they do best i.e. Work hard, be difficult to beat & score on the counter attack.

I don't think Roy is that sort of manager.

You have to say, that with 8 managers in 7 years, whoever appoints the managers at Selhurst, should be resigning now!

who will be next for the chop?

Grayson at Sunderland, Bruce at Villa, Hodgson at Palace?

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On 14/10/2017 at 10:47 AM, Mindfulness said:

@Tiffy & @StevieDay1983

This will make you laugh:


Haha yes, that's great! Very funny. These things are great aren't they when fans take the p out of their own clubs.

Congrats on your win at the weekend, probably the standout result of the weekend, and an absolute coupon buster!!!!!!

Season starts now!

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