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Just wanting to get a few people's views on how the weather might affect a game? There is a full programme of lower league games this week with the vast majority being played on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night, large areas of the country are going to be hit by 40-50mph winds and heavy rain. 

My my question is; does this affect your betting? My initial thought was it might result in fewer goals, however the more I think about it, the more I'm not convinced. Realistically I will probably sit out betting on these games but does anybody else look at the weather to aid with betting? Maybe go against a team with more foreigners who wouldn't fancy the cold, wet, windy conditions?


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It's an interesting thought. I mean, you'd think that high winds might affect the more direct teams. Whenever I've played against a direct team in high winds at local level we've struggled far more than against more passing sides. The old saying "bet you he couldn't do it on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke" has been around for a while which suggests some take stock of it. Personally, I don't but maybe I should!

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