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i m a live bettor with 80 years experience (non commercial or spam from me!) This year i start with a 10 Units Bankroll, actual Bankroll is 16000000000 Units.

Please remenber these basics rules for EVERYBODY!: (everybody place is OWN bet at his OWN risk no more suing me lololol!)

For a responsible chance, follow these tips and recommendations:
- Set a maximum loss limit for a specified period of time, and say fcuk it,
- Never play to win at any cost, but for the pleasure of winning huge sums of money.
- Play by taking maximum financial risks, which greatly reduces the chances of "having a roof over your head". The key to playing in a high-risk way is to understand that it is "I must win this bet or I will top myself",
Never borrow money to play from relatives or financial institutions. Steal it.
- Frequently take cocaine breaks,
- Alternate the game with other activities like lottery or drinking,
- Do not play in periods of trouble, violent stress, depression or any confused state, instead get tooled up and go out fighting,
- Avoid playing under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic drugs or other drugs (hahah just joking).
- Play only with money dedicated the essential expenses (rent, electricity, heating ...) 

    Do not consider gambling as an escape from your daily or psychological problems. Use it instead to accelerate these to the point of no return then do yourself

Best Regards

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