** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**

Betting Preview Template

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I'm putting together a betting preview template and would value any input. I put something together quickly as I want to get as much input as possible so this is a rough idea what I am considering.

What do you like (or not)? What would you add to it?


Game & League:


How is each team performing over the season?

(Give a small overview e.g. league placing, are they over performing relative to expectations? Are they trying to win the league or are they expected to finish mid table? Ect)


What is the head to head record?

(Have these teams played each other relatively recently? What was the result and how did that game play out? Who was the better team in that game? Was the result fair?)


How have each team done against similar opponents?

Identify a couple of teams that are similar to the home team in standard and playing style and give a quick review of how the away team did against these two teams. Do the same for the other team. Can you identify a trend from these results?


What are the characteristics of each team?

Is the home team a very defensive team or do they like to attack? Do they usually have most of the possession in their games? Do they like to play long balls up to a target man or are they more of a passing team? What about the away team?


How has each team played in their previous four games?

(Give results and a small bit of insight into each game and identify they are in good form or bad form relative to their overall season form)


What tactics will each team employ in this game?

Will one team try to play for a draw? Is one team far superior to the other and expected to dominate the game? What can each team do to improve their chances of winning? Do you expect a lot of goals in this game? What formation do you expect each team to start with? Ect.


Who are the most important players on each team?

Is there a striker that is crucial to his team? A central defender who is the leader of the team? A tricky wingback that will be crucial to his teams chances? Any important injuries or suspensions? Ect.

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