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Monaco Grand Prix

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Monaco GP

A lot of people look forward to the glamour of the Monaco GP and everything that goes with Monte Carlo. For me its one of the most boring races of the season and has been called many things in the past, such as a high speed traffic jam that lasts just under 2 hours.

You only have to look at the stats to know that we have a Safety Car almost every year (1/10 We do, 11/2 We dont), the track is just too narrow in places and now the cars are wider it looks a sure fire certainty. The incidents obviously lead to drivers retiring through damage and this week the spread is two cars under its normal figure. Most bookies are betting on under or over 13.5 finishers. Personally I think they have gone low here and i'd rather be on 'overs' at around 8/11 with Skybet.

Pole position is vital here, 8 out of that last 11 races the pole sitter has led all the way, you just cant overtake on the track in many places, you may get to do an undercut in the pits but you would need to be pretty close to even achieve that. Last year we had a shock pole sitter in Ricciardo and he could not withstand the Mercedes in the actual race. It started behind the Safety Car in rain so it wasn't a normal GP by nay means.

Vettel is odds on for pole and if he gets it he will be long odds on for the race, lets hope Hamilton is alongside on the grid and then we might get some action. Red Bull are going ok and often do well here so expect one of them at least to split the other Ferrari and Mercedes cars. If they qualify well i'd fancy the Red Bull for a podium spot this week.

Early bet;

Over 13.5 Finishers : 8/11 Skybet

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Well you never know what this crazy sport will offer up next, firstly Lewis Hamilton is caught out by a yellow flag in Q2 and ends up 13th on the grid.

You would have thought this was a gimme to Sebastian Vettel now wouldn't you, but oh no, up steps Kimi Raikkonen to land his first pole for donkeys years and that actually could make this race an interesting watch. I'm sure if the Ferrari roles were reversed we would be looking at a long odds on favourite and a precession of a race.

As it stands Raikkonen is second fav at 11/8 with Stan James and Vettel can be backed at Even money with Skybet. I'm not too sure Ferrari will tell Kimi to let Vettel pass him so we could have a very frustrated German if things go to plan off the grid.

Elsewhere Red Bull are showing up well and i'm still hoping that one of them can grab a podium spot, its even easier now with Hamilton out of the way. A tip 6 spot for Lewis would be a good result this week.


Outright: Kimi Raikkonen  11/8 HIlls/SJ
Podium: Max Verstappen 6/4 Hills
Top 6 Finish: Lewis Hamilton 11/10 Hills


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