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Hi, so if you're reading this I'm hoping you may be some on interested in what I'm about to say. I've been looking at a guy who has a mathematical formula for betting on basketball. He does extremely well. He is on pyckio for all to see. He goes by the name oliverom. Basically my issue is this - I would like to pay for his tips but they're just too expensive. If you are prepared to stake big money then it's well worth it. But I don't want to stake big, nor am I able to. Basical,y it works out at  £18 for 25 picks and about £55 for a hundred picks. So hear is my idea - I would like to get a group together of about 4 people. That way, the cost is shared. We can start low at £4.50 each and then we each bet at our own comfortable but small stakes. As each week goes by, the more profit we make and then can buy the bigger picks packages which obviously offer you more value the higher you go. It is basically a way of not losing money. You start out with a small pot and grow it. After a few months, we will all have made enough money to go our ow  way, with bigger stakes using the money made. Its a great way to ensure that you don't lose money. Anyway, i know what you will be thinking, money's involved so yes there needs to be trust but the initial lay out is only going to be £4.50 so I would be happy to risk that and itsguaranteed profit! If this is something that interests you, reply to the message, but first go and check oliverom out yourself at pyckio. You will see exactly what I mean about it being too expensive (unless your staking big)

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Interesting idea. A consortium of basketball punters. Not sure there will be much appetite for that. You could start by generating some interest in basketball betting on here. Then when there are a few regulars contributing then you can look at it. Who knows, sharing your ideas on here might prove more profitable than following an individual tipster. They do say two heads are better than one... so four heads... well, that's a fucking combined genius!

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