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Nil nils in the Premier league (originally entitled 'Blowjng My Own Trumpet', a novella by Andrew Calo)

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"Originally Posted 28 December 2016 6:59am (edited) · Report post

Funny you should say that Steve my Mum's partner is old school Jack Army and even he was sad to see Cardiff only last one season. I was laughing my head off though lol

It's a much friendlier rivalry these days isn't in - being Welsh is more important in the face of the all English-leagues we're competing in. 

I'll never forget when I was on the coach going to the play off finals seven years ago. We went through Cardiff and as we were exiting there was a massive tapestry hanging from one of the bridges with big black red and blue colours - fcuk OFF YOU JACK BASTARDS written on it lol

Some stats - 

Week   HOME    DRAW    AWAY

10 -       4              2             4


11 -       3              3             4


12 -       4              3             3


13 -       5              3             2


14 -       7              1             2


15 -       8              2             0


16 -       6              1             3


17 -       5              1             4


18 -       5              1             3       so far - Spurs play Southampton tonight.



There have been ten no score draws so far this season. There were 28 last season, 31 the season before, 27 the season before that.

0-0 on the Spurs game tonight is 9 to 1. 

I know a few people don't buy into this but it really is all swings and roundabouts - there will definitely be an upswing in draws and it is becoming increasingly likely to happen sooner rather than later - you look at the trends over the last three seasons, it is unheard of to go more than three weeks with so few draws, and also to have so few 0-0's over the last six weeks. 

This might be because there's been more penalties, which in turn is the result of the no pulling in the box rule introduced this season, but I don't think so.

I think we are due a load of draws and at least three nil nils this week.


Last season there were 17 nil nils and eight 2-2's by this point. The season before 14 nil-nils and 14 2-2's by this point.

So far this season we have had five 2-2's and ten nil nils. And way more 1-1's than average.


Interestingly, if you add up the nil nils and 1-1's over the last two seasons, there were 34 last season and 33 the season before, and this season there have been 2 all might be a good shout tonight, as we're three less than usual right now...

Edited 28 December 2016 9:44am by andrewcalo"


The mad thing is there have been 10 nil-nils in the last seven weeks...25 total this season thus far.


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