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Premier League Acca for Next Week - Join Me!

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So fellas...I wouldn't wish this on you unless I was trying to make your lives better...

This time last year I was sitting on a camode somewhere in San Diego and I bet on an 8 fold acca premier league...

The following weekend I watched five results come in on a Saturday morning in a nice hotel suite in Las Vegas. That night/next morning (time difference) Southampton came back via Shane Long to draw, and then the next two days West Ham came back to beat the scum in their last game at their old stadium and one other result also went right - 3000 to 1 odds on £11. 30K payout.

I am quietly confident that acca was the result of the timing and 34 previous weeks of reading and watching the Premiership games.

And I have ben waiting for week 35 of this season ever since.

Those results were all weird and unexpected, but on closer inspection totally understandable.

This week's results have been weird AS FCUK too - one home win, the rest away or draws - and you who watch my tips know I am all about the outsiders and the draws... 

Pendulum will swing back next week though...after just 1 or 2 home wins this week? 5 to 7 home wins next week FOR SURE.

I can post them is you want, or we can cut to the chase - I invite you to join me on this season's week 36 acca - as follows - only 280 to 1 I'm afraid - but hey just bet ten times more - I bet £110 to make up the shortfall - I want another 30K


West Ham v Spurs - SPURS  -  they're too awesome and don't know the Chelsea result to come, so same performance as today

Bournemouth v Stoke - DRAW  -  Bournemouth due a draw, both fighting for nothing in particular 

Burnley v West Brom - BURNLEY  -  Burnley home, West Brom now meh as usual end of season, Burnley just won first game away 

Leicester v Watford - LEICESTER  -  they're the champions, in form, and Watford are meh away from home

Hull v Sunderland - HULL  -  Hull home, Sunderland relegated, end of story

Swansea v Everton - SWANSEA  -  Swansea will beat  Everton, they just beat Stoke, drew Man U and are home - PLUS Ashley Williams will no doubt lay down for us. Once a jack always a jack

Liverpool v Southampton - LIVERPOOL  -  they will lose to Watford and smash Southampton

Arsenal v Man U - ARSENAL  -  Man U prioritising midweek Europa to reach Champions league spots, plus they have injuries, and Arsenal following the usual course of lose/win/lose/win etc...


I'm spreading this bet 'cause I value you all.  Get on it, even if only a fiver.

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Here's the eight fold with odds from last year - 


Man U WIN away to Norwich 1-0  1.85  

Sunderland WIN home to Chelsea 3-2  3.0

Palace WIN home to Stoke 2-1  2.0  

Bournemouth DRAW home to West Brom 1-1  3.5

Leicester WIN home to Everton 3-1  2.0 

Southampton WIN away to Tottenham 1-2  4.0

Man Ciy DRAW home to Arsenal 2-2  3.5  

West Ham WIN home to Man U 3-2  3.0


Came in 3090 to 1 - I was laughing lol 

Edited by andrewcalo

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