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Going for Manchester City to beat Arsenal. Great price 2.40 @Bet365

Arsenal are nowhere. Wenger has lost the plot, the dressing room and the fans. Manchester City will be too strong with the quality of their group.


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8 hours ago, zemo91 said:

@neilovan , you're absolutely 100% right,Moyes made a fool of himself in Sociedad. Overrated,has no fire in him.not the right person for a team who has to battle relegation each year.hahahaha as a Belgian I feel you .Fellainus has to be the most lucky player in the world.Playing for one of the greatest clubs getting paid tons to deliver mediocre performances. If the name of the game was headball,he would be an all time great but that's not the case. Lack of vision,lack of pace,lack of skill,no long ball ,no distance shot has absolutely not one quality necessary to play on a Man United midfield or even a top six team midfield .If you want to play him you have to adjust you're tactics to his strengths like in his Everton period.He was playing higher up the field ,receiving long balls,infiltrating in the box. For a team like Man United he's only usefull when the opposition is defending a lead close to their 18 yard box.bring him in as a sub in the last 10 minutes and put some crosses in. 

And even then he's likely to cost you a penalty lmfao

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Arsenal v Man City - exactly the type of match my momma told me not to bet on. Between the cake eating and the fag puffing.

Fat she was. 

Anyway, head is saying BTTS and Man City win. But Arsenal are proper cnuts and I know they are out there, waiting for their next opportunity to muck up my acca. 

I have Wenger under surveillance right now and when the chance presents itself I am going in, full whack - shotgun, body armour, balaclava and ski gloves. He is getting it.

On the other foot, Pep hates me too and he will be looking to slip the boys a fiver to keep this game a draw.

My dog Rocky has his scent from a pair of old Calvin Klein boxers which I jimmyed away from him back in '07 in Spain and I've not got Rocky up to the size of a large pony. He has also been trained to only feed on human flesh, so Pep better watch out next time he is playing Swansea away. 

In all seriousness though - does anyone have their home addresses? 

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fcuk Swansea are missing Siggy.

NOT good.

Also standings present a psychological advantage to Middlesbrough.

I think Swansea DNB is way to go gents.

ALSO - draw is fucking likely as fcuk, by fcuk lol

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Arsenal V City

City +1 1.53

City most corners 1.8


Burnley V Spurs

Over 10 corners 1.83
Spurs -2.5 AH Corners 1.86
Spurs most corners - 1.33


Liverpool v Everton
Liverpool -3 HC 1.9
Liverpool most corners 1.2
Liverpool first corner 1.44


Over 10 corners 1.83



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