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Champions League > Apr 11th & 12th

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8 hours ago, tit@n said:
8 hours ago, tit@n said:

Juventus to score more than once - 2.45

if Juve want to get past Barca, obviously they need to get positive result tonight. they can win and they probably will, but imo, if I'm going to back them to win or qualify, then I'd rather choose much "safer" bet at similar odds + I don't have to wait two weeks for rematch. Barca's defence is very suspicious these days and I'm not even talking about their defeats against City and PSG, I'm talking about them conceding pretty much every week against the clubs like Malaga, Deportivo, Granada, Sporting, Valencia etc. Juventus will surely score here and the only question is how many. if you ask me, more than once.

Dybala 2-0, easy as pie.


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Atlético Madrid v Leicester City

Atlético Madrid: Moyà (9/0 g), Vrsaljko (14/0 d), Tiago (9/1 m), Fernández (3/0 m), Gameiro (26/10 f, 2nd top scorer)

Leicester City: Wilfred Ndidi (10/1 d, doubtful), Wes Morgan (27/1 d, captain), Mendy (4/0 m), Wague (0/0 d)


Bayern München v Real Madrid

Bayern München: Lewandowski (28/26 f, top scorer, doubtful), Hummels (25/1 d)

Real Madrid: Pepe (13/2 d), Varane (19/1 d)


Daily updated injuries and suspensions information from more then 100 football leagues and competitions worldwide at: www.injuriesandsuspensions.com

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I expect a seat and experience the institution of Atletico measure today to be able to exploit the weaknesses of Leicester and get the win but it will be a few goals
ATLETICO MADRID vs LEICESTER CITY @@ +3.25 Under, odds 1.48

Real Madrid and eight games has given so far has been more than three goals all scored goals, he scores as easily as easily accept some goals. I expect, as all one huge and interesting battle, both teams have great offensive lines, but often have defensive issues, so today I expect to score both teams and confirm the Goals
FC BAYERN MUNICH vs REAL MADRID @@ Both team to score, odds 1.53

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Some value picks today.

Monaco @ 5.75. Underrated team and the explosion would have a psychological impact on Dortmund. We have to wait and see if it's positive or negative. The odds are great here though. 

Monaco +2 @ 1.66 not a bad price either.

BTTS First half @ 3.30 is tasty for two high scoring teams


Leicester +2 @ 1.90 is good considering they will play 10 men at the back and seek a counter for an away goal. Atletico traditionally not a high scoring team.


Bayern win @ 1.85 also good. Ancelotti knows Real and they are very formed.

Over 3 Asian line @ 1.83 gets a max stake from me.


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44 minutes ago, andrewcalo said:

If Leicester play a blinder today this could end up 0-1 or 0-0.

I didn't follow them enough (at all :D) but I cannot get rid off the fact, that Atletico has problems with teams who likes to play in the same way as they do. Letting ball to the opponents, pressing on them, fighting/winning 2nd balls and scoring 3 times from 2 chances. Just try to call back the memory from 57th minute of 2nd leg between Atletico and PSV. I think that Jan Oblak will be among top3 performers if Atletico will win the match.

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Does anyone think that last nights events will have an impact on the DORT V MON game?

External influences will now come in to play & I wonder whether it will galvanise the Dortmund players and fans? Or, will it make them nervy? I can't see it affecting Monaco, but not sure if it will unite Dortmund.

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Not surprised at all what happened yesterday. Well done Juventus. Leaderboard will change Barcelona to an average club shortly, if plenty of things won't change soon. The biggest mistake of the club was to win Champions league in the year, when they had presidential elections... 

I wrote short previews, or better to say opinions about both matches here. I won't touch anything. I agree with Notorious, that odds on Real Madrid are ridiculous, while on Atletico match, I think that they will struggle against the team who likes to play in the same way as they do again. If anything, than I would rather try to catch some higher odds here, but.. my advise is to take small stakes. Don't risk too much on those matches as the differences between teams are small, while importance of the match is enormous...

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On 2017-03-17, 2:34:07, Icongene said:

Monaco will find it easier to score goals v Dortmund than City. I'll take Moncao to qualify at 2.50 right now.

Hope a few of you guys got on this. 2.5 for them to qualify!? It's now at 1.21.

Add in the odds you could find Juve at and the ridiculous odds on Madrid tonight and it's fair to say the bookies have taken a pounding this round! :beer:beer

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20 hours ago, Notorious said:

My bets for the games. These were all made and submitted yesterday. Forgot to post them.

4 Team Parlay 

Juventus vs FC Barcelona

Over 1.5 (+125) 


Borussia Dortmund vs Monaco

Over 3.0 (-160) 


Atlético Madrid vs Leicester City

Leicester City 2.0 (-185) 


FC Bayern München vs Real Madrid

Real Madrid +345 

$45 to win $1082.93

Great work :ok

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On 12-4-2017 12:56:15, Notorious said:

Hala Madrid! All arm chair managers do not make the mistake of not betting on Real Madrid, make some cash damn it. DnB is even worth it.

@zemo91 No offense brother, but people need to use your Barca post as an example. Juve were unbeaten at home in the c league and this man was out here talking about little man magic lol. People quit listening to the media on these big games, they sway your opinion way too much. 

First off all you have to be humble in victory and defeat.The Bayern-Real game could easily have gone the other way around.Secondly the media had Juventus as clear favorite.Messi was not in goat form but delivered three clearcut chances(Iniesta,Suarez and Umtiti). All props to Allegri and his players. the tactics were on point and the execution was almost flawless. pressing up high in the first half ,crowding the midfield,short and double coverage of Messi and Neymar higher up the field,isolating Suarez,fast switch-overs from defense to attack, high intensity and positive aggresion. FC Barcelona had no answer for that. Enrique showed his tactical incapability,some players showed their lack of quality and their is certainly a lack of effort and motivation. The goals conceeded were all preventable.I expected to see a high energy , pumped up team that had something to prove after the Malaga debacle but that was defenitly not the case.The thing that blew my mind was how passive Enrique was. No major adjustments were made and only one substitution. Enrique relied to much on the front three and it's now backfiring on him. 

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On 12-4-2017 12:56:15, Notorious said:

to make things clear ,I don't bet with emotions . I'm not that naive to bet against a hometeam with a decent homerecord in the championsleague were homeadvantage is a keyfactor and knowing that the awayteam is somewhat struggling. I know my stats @Notorious. I didn't bet on the match outcome, had them in a four game parlay, bts and Barcelona should have scored. Busquets is NOT Barcelona's most important player Messi is,especially this season. Busquets was the second most important player but he has somewhat struggled this season most of that due to the fact he has been isolated on the midfield. Busquets has nor the pace neither the physicality to cover a lot of ground. His importance this year is not because he has played on a high level but because the alternatives lack quality. I was wrong in my assumption that Juventus could not press effectively . I was well aware of Juventus defensive qualities but fc Barcelona did not much to make it difficult. Enrique didn't make any adjustments to make better use of the width of the field(bring in Jordi Alba,tell Neymar to stay wide and put some pressure on Dani Alves who had a yellow card in the first half) and to make Suarez less isolated,could have brought in Paco Alcacer after the break.The second leg could end in a trainwreck. Pique is suspended so Mascherano and Umtiti will play cb. Umtiti is a great signing but he has to make some progress in his positional play. Mascherano is a liability in the air, I think Juventus will take full advantage of that. Barca is obliged to take some risks, I'm assuming Barcelona will not press effectively. Enrique has not the tactical knowhow to pull that off against a team like Juventus .So Busquets will be isolated on a few occasions and with the clinical finishers Juventus have it can be problematic. 


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13 hours ago, Notorious said:


make this bet and go on a vacation homie.


Real Madrid+130
Leicester City+265
Risk $100.00
Win $14,003.60

hahahaha ,love the comments big shot. Will tail it but I'm not convinced about Leicester and Monaco. Leicester has to score so Athletico can play their beloved game. Monaco are somewhat suspicious at the back,I think Dortmund can outscore them.  Odds on Juventus are ridiculous.

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4 hours ago, Notorious said:

@zemo91 I've just gotten back from Vaca, just trying to send u on 1 playboy. Don't tail that 1 ill come up with something better this weekend. Mbappe isn't losing to no Dortmund bums. I'm thinking uefa gifts Leicester a penalty at home, it' only fair.

Yeah sounds right re: penalty. Or maybe a red card.

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