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2017 F1 Championship Odds

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The 2017 F1 Championship season is now just a matter of days away and here are the odds for the drivers championship and the constructors championship. Interested to hear what you F1 fans out there think?

@louis12, @WinningAdvice, @McNasara, @sean scott, @avongirl, and @rikk, you have all commented in this forum before on the F1 betting. What do you think?

I will look to get the odds for the Australian Grand Prix up early next week after we've had a bit of discussion in here about the season as a whole. Is it Lewis Hamilton's to lose? Can anyone de-throne Mercedes?

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Only 20 Races this season.


Australian Grand Prix - 26 March 2017

Chinese Grand Prix - 9 April 2017

Bahrain Grand Prix - 16 April 2017

Russian Grand Prix - 30 April 2017

Spanish Grand Prix - 14 May 2017

Monaco Grand Prix - 28 May 2017

Canadian Grand Prix - 11 June 2017

Azerbaijan Grand Prix - 25 June 2017

Austrian Grand Prix - 9 July 2017

British Grand Prix - 16 July 2017

Hungarian Grand Prix - 30 July 2017

Belgian Grand Prix - 27 August 2017

Italian Grand Prix - 3 September 2017

Singapore Grand Prix - 17 September 2017

Malaysian Grand Prix - 1 October 2017

Japanese Grand Prix - 8 October 2017

United States Grand Prix - 22 October 2017

Mexican Grand Prix - 29 October 2017

Brazilian Grand Prix - 12 November 2017

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 26 November 2017


Driver Changes

Mercedes: Bottas for Rosberg

McLaren: Vandoorne for Button

Williams: Stroll for Bottas

Sauber: Wehrlein for Nasr

Haas: Magnussen for Gutierrez

Renault : Hulkenberg for Magnussen

Force India : Ocon for Hulkenberg

Manor Racing - Folded


20 Drivers on the grid for 2017


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Plenty of talk that Ferrari can be competitive this season, but haven't we all heard this before.

Cant wait for the first race in Australia at the weekend and don't be too surprised if there is very little change at the top.

Red Bull and Ferrari will be chasing Mercedes hard and i have no doubt that the three teams will be head and shoulders above the rest but i'm yet to be convinced that this years title is not Hamilton's to lose. Without Rosberg nagging away at him i reckon he can win the championship once again.

Hamilton is 6/5 with Stan James and thats a bit skinny to be honest but the problem is that although a few drivers can go well on any given weekend very very few can actually win the title. Probably Hamilton or Vettel to be honest.

Vettel is 7/2 but if you think the 20 races in 2017 are going to be shared between the three top teams then it might pay to back Hamilton at 5/4 to win 'under 9.5' races. All champions recently have won at least 10 races except Rosberg last year who won 9. We do have one race less as well so that 5/4 may appeal to some. He's 4/7 by the way to win 10 races or more.



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New season, just hope all rumours about ferrari's engine improvement are true because if not it'll be again another boring season with Mercedes winning the constructor championship and Hamilton the drivers championship. Bottas is now part of Mercedes and I'm curious to see how he does in a top team. Then all of Ferrari's hopes are on Vettel. Raikkonen had a good start of the season last year but his second half was bad, it was really mediocre and he ended up finishing 6 in the championship.... Given there are 3 teams who are arguably much better than the rest, I wouldn't say sixth place is something to be proud of... Now with 37 years old I think his times as F1 driver are reaching its end. 

This season I have expectations on Toro Rosso. They will use the same engine as Red Bull and Renault and not anymore the one they used the last year (a ferrari engine from 2015) They have good drivers and I think they will improve this year with all the modifications. I think Sainz has a good chance of finishing in the top 10 this season. 


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11 hours ago, BillyHills said:

Hamilton is 6/5 with Stan James and thats a bit skinny to be honest but the problem is that although a few drivers can go well on any given weekend very very few can actually win the title. Probably Hamilton or Vettel to be honest.

6/5 didn't last long, 8/11 now:clap

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