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Nice call on Etienne @Pep004 

They were very, very poor today. The amount of unforced errors, over hit passes, poor control etc was ridiculous and I agree they missed Hamouma a lot. 

Beric who came in at CF was really bad, no hold up play, no clever runs, no harassing defenders and caught offside lots before missing a clear cut chance and being subbed.

The plan too often for St Etienne when things aren't going their way is to simply give it to Monnet Paquet and hope for the best (which never happens). I think to play at their best offensively Paquet and Hamouma must play otherwise they are toothless with very little creative intelligence.

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11 hours ago, StevieDay1983 said:

Huge pressure on PSG to get something away to Marseille tonight after Nice and Monaco both grabbed wins this weekend. Do we think the added pressure will affect the result? Will PSG falter or will they rise to the demands?

60 min so far.. 4-0 .. Impressive match... Now i'm sure you're being convert to my unwavering faith in this team, the process will be complete after next champions league game at the camp nou :notworthy


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I don't want to hail Emery to much, but.. tactics again OM was brilliant. They remind me of Barca 2008-2012. If you are playing offensive, without special focus on defence, you will concede bunch of goals. Toulouse stopped them with ultra defensive style, but OM tried to play with them. It sounds funny, but Barca will need to attack.. ah-1 on psg sounds crazy, but interesting. :) 

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