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Attention, PL Members! To reinforce security on the forum, we have updated our login process. Please note that you will now need to use your email address to sign in, rather than your forum username. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

New PL - Stage 1 Launched - Please report bugs here

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We've put live stage 1 of the new design, which currently doesn't change the forum at all, but the site around it and home page have changes drastically and for the better.

There's plenty of rough edges to smooth over, but it's far better than the previous design with the added live scores product too.

There's plenty more to come too, and over time we intend to put together a site where the majority of your needs are met all in once place.

New site starts here https://www.punterslounge.com (Tablet and Mobile Friendly)

Any bugs or general feedback, please let us know here, but it's far from finished at the moment. ;) 

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15 hours ago, world said:

@Sir Puntalot-Newly designed PL-site looks much nicer:ok. Btw, in the ELO ratings section what are those green/red triangles (up/down) mean next to 1X2 odds?

There will be a key above later today, but green arrows down means odds are decreasing- money coming in and as money goes is associated with green it made sense. Many sites do it the other way around, but red to me means "danger" - no money for that team, so red arrow going up is odds drifting. Same on live scores ;-)

thanks for the nice feedback, but we're only getting started. :ok 

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On 14/01/2017, 03:31:35, vasilli07 said:

When will the expert tips be back?


On 19/01/2017, 09:22:33, makkad said:

Football tips aren't posted every day, because we want to wait for good value rather than other sites just handing out tips daily for the sake of it. However, this tips page will evolve very soon as we aim to give you tips for every match that the ratings cover, as well as expert tips and even accumulator tips. So, bear with us while we keep developing. ;) 

We'll be looking to hire a full time football tipster in the near future, once we have the next stage developed.

If you're interested in becoming our football tipster, please email us at [email protected] with proof of your tipster record and we'll consider all applications. :ok 

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