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Winter sports season 2016/17

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Winter sports are comming and the seasons already started. Here is a thread where we may exchange opinions.

I will start with the first round of Biathlon World cup

10 km sprint Men

Wiestner - Iliev 2.85 Pinnacle

Iliev leads the H2H from last season in sprints with 5:4, so this is pretty close, better than the odds. The current form of both is also pretty equal. They participated in the mixed relay, where both of them were one against other. Wiestner needed 3 bullets against 3 for Iliev, but still managed to give a slightly better times.

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Sprint 7.5 km W

Koukalova - Dahlmeyer 2.55 Pinnacle

Great odds for Koukalova, who won the World cup in sprint last season with huge advantage over the others. In the H2H in sprint events Koukalova beat Dahlmeyer 3:2. Dahlmeyer is the favorite because her win in 15 km individual event two days ago. The German is very good, but her percentage of shooting is worst in the sprint. Also in 15 km event the skiing time of both was pretty equal with very small edge for the German. 50/50 clash with sweet odds for Koukalova. Koukalova went to the training range yesterday to improve and I am sure she will be far better today.




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Women relay

Norway vs Checz 3.35 Pinnacle

Norway won the first mixed relay last week with their women showing far better performance then the top of the Czech girls - Koukalova and Vitkova. Koukalova had some problems in Pokljuka, If she can't perform at her best, the chances of her teammates are not so good. I think that here the chances are far more equal.

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Men sprint from Novo Mesto

Semenov - Moravec 2.45 Pinnacle

There are three direct hints that Semenov is at least on 50/50 basis with Moraves.

1. This season their H2H on sprint events is 1:1. Last week they both made 1 mistake, but Semenov was 12 sec. faster. Two weeks ago on the sprint the difference between them with equal shooting was 2 seconds for Moravec. Semenov shoot very well in the last event at the previous World cup - Men's relay. He took down 10 out of 10.

2. Last season their H2H at sprint events is 5:4 for Semenov

3. Two years ago, on the very same course in Novo Mesto Semenov scored 10 out of 10 and finished eight, while Moraves was 42nd with 7 out of 10.


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Hintz - Puscarichkova 2.63 Pinnacle

Women Sprint Novo Mesto

This season they are 1:1 on sprints. Last week Hints made two misses and was far behind,while Puscarickova went 10 out of then, but in the first round of World cup Hintz was 10 out of 10 while Puscarichkova 9 out of 10. They clashed last week in direct battle on the first part of women relay. Hintz needed 3 extra bullets, while Puscharichkova just 2 and the difference between them was just 1 second. So the German is faster.

Last season it was also for Hints 3:2 in sprint events.







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Women 10 km pursuit

Kaisa Makarainen 7.2 Pinnacle

Kaisa is the best runner out there. She is shooting very well this season. With a shooting with max 2 misses she will be capable to contest the first place. They will start with almost the same time with the big favorite Laura Dalhmeier and I think this will help them to build a nice lead. If it comes to head to head running it will be Kaisa. The odds are great, because Dalhmeier once again will be the clear favorite. Last season Makarainen won two pursuits.

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Women 10 km pursuit

Dunklee - Braisaz 2.32 Pinnacle

Dunklee has a slight advantage from the sprint. She was clear in the range 10 out of 10m, while the French girl missed two shots. Braisaz is very fast on the track, but here she may suffer problems in shooting as it was last year on pursuit. Dunklee is shooting way better and almost always improves in the pursuit. 

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Just a quick summary on my bets 4w and 4 losses so far with +2,12 score with 1 point bet

Eckhoff - Wierer 2.75 Bet365

Mass Start, Nove Mesto

Eckhoff was the fastest competitor in pursuit. She shoot great as well. Last season when she had good pursuit, she scored good results in the mass start. Wierer is on the opposite. Good result at pursuit reflect with not so nice shooting at the mass start. Last season they were 2:2 in the discipline. Great odds with the real one around 2.2 for Echkoff in my estimation. 

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