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Time to get rid of the League Cup? (EFL Cup)

Sir Puntalot

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I'm going to add an interesting spin on this. As a Cardiff City fan (save your boos and hisses, please, we know we're shit!), I have had the privilege (and yes, it is a privilege) to experience football at the darkest end of the scale and the brightest end of the scale. I have seen us survive relegation out of the Football League on the last day, taken to within 2 hours of liquidation, and have the soul of our club ripped out by an unwanted re-brand.

However, I have also witnessed us beat some of the best teams in the country and have seen us win a play-off final at the Millennium Stadium, lose a play-off final at Wembley, win an FA Cup semi final at Wembley, and lose both an FA Cup final and League Cup final at Wembley. I was never the biggest fan of the League Cup until we reached the final and then I saw the opportunity it gives.

I have always loved the FA Cup. My experiences of it range from being knocked out in the 1st Round by Enfield to beating the Premier League leaders at the time Leeds in the 3rd Round. However, more often than not my club's time in the FA Cup has been limited so the chance to have a second cup run is a great idea.

Unfortunately, I do agree with the discontent surrounding the competition. I think the FA Cup winners should earn a spot in the Champions League but I do think a bit more incentive should go to winning the League Cup. What sort of incentive? I'm not sure. Maybe an additional prize pool that goes towards either youth development or training facilities.

What I do think should be scrapped is the EFL Trophy! At the very least it should see the under-23 teams removed and replaced by non-league teams but then it is no longer an English Football League Trophy really is it?!

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There's no way you'd get a CL spot for the FA Cup, especially with the League Cup still alive. A Europa League spot would be a possible, but then every top country would want a spot for their cup too, despite the FA Cup being the most glamorous.

Get rid of EFL Cup and Trophy, bring back the magic of the FA Cup. :ok 

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