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Reporters & their STUPID questions!

Sir Puntalot

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Why are they so robotic with their questions and they're so stupid!

Example: Interview with Jack Wilshere

"How important is the home form going to be this season?"

Wilshere with a standard reply.

I'd love one of them to just say "What a stupid fcukin question, you should be working in Burger King!" :loon 

Of course the home form is important - rant over.

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I think this sums it up in an age of robotic responses!

Everyone is too scared to break the mould in a time when every word is scrutinised. Reporters are the worst. As @Kenton Schweppes says, reporters just have a book of cliches. Unfortunately, so many reporters get into their roles through the "it's who you know" process so the best reporters never make the best jobs. Simply those that have the best connections.

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