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Tampico Madero vs Santos Laguna
2018, March 05, 04:06 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX - Knockout

Tampico Madero
The team season has been very irregular, just once has the team been able to get two consecutive victories, both in Ascenso MX, where their performance have them in the fifth position.

Thanks to their performance at away is that the team was able to proceed to this stage in Copa MX, as they obtained victories against Veracruz and Atlas, the team has been unable to win at home, with a draw against Veracruz and a defeat against Atlas.

This match the team will face it home, where their Ascenso MX performance is better than the winless at home in Copa MX, still considering here they will face a side that is the first place of Liga MX, things does not look so good.

Despite winning 3-0 to Venador in the weekend, thats the team this victory at home in seven matches played this year.

Santos Laguna
Their away performance in Copa MX is not spectacular, but taking in consideration only Ascenso MX teams, in the last 10 matches has obtained  5 victories, 3 draws and 1 defeat, against Sant Luis, back in 2014.

The team has three matches without defeat, with two victories in that streak, 2-0 against Cruz Azul and 1-2 against Necaxa and a draw against Mineros Zacatecas at Copa MX, where they used an alternative team as the where already qualified to next stage and there was nothing at stake there.

Djaniny Tavares might play this match, and is the scorer leader not only of the team, but of all Liga MX, with 12 matches in 10 games. The coach Dante Siboldi has made good rotation of their players and I expect that to happen here also, but with more experienced players on the lineup.

A match where Santos should dominate the actions, Tampico Madero is aware of the level differences between them and will look to focus on defending and try via counterattack to get something, which does not seem likely.

Santos Laguna should impose their quality, they have many experience players and should demonstrate the difference in level between Ascenso MX and Liga MX. Tampico Madero will make an effort but will not be enough.

Santos Laguna -0.25 AH with 8 units @ 1.78 with 10Bet

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Cafetaleros Tapachula vs Monarcas Morelia

2018, March 05, 02:00 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX - Knockout

Cafetaleros Tapachula
After the first defeat of the season and the year at the hands of Atlante, the team went on a 9 matches without a defeat, streak that give way to a three consecutive defeats. After that won at home against Venados, but the next match went on losing, to Dorados despite taking the lead, the team was unable to get a point from that match.

The team was able to proceed to this stage of Copa MX, thanks to beating Venados 0-3 on the last round of the group stage. Considering only Copa MX, the team has four matches without defeat with two matches against Liga MX sides taking good results.  

Monarcas Morelia
The team has improved in their playmaking style, taking advantage of their home matches, still the three home victories has come agains teams playing to avoid relegation more than being contenders for the title. Against powerful teams, the last two matches, against America and Tigres UANL at away, the team has lost both. Their defense is the one in need of urgent improvement as they have allowed a goal in the last 8 matches, thanks to their attack being active in some of them they where able to collect four victories, but could have easily being worst.

Morelia at away has three consecutive defeats, this after winning 2-3 against Pachuca, which is their only victory at away this 2018.  Considering only Copa MX matches the team has two consetuvie defeats against Queretaro and Cimarrones.

Their Liga MX match where they beat 2-1 Atlas, the team display a very good playmaking and Raul Ruidiaz scored again. Being this a match where there is no tomorrow, the team might field a mixed team based in experience players and in case of need send their key players, as Ruidiaz is.

Cafetaleros good form in the start of the season has gone downhill, meanwhile Morelia has improved as the season proceed, still on away they struggle, for this match I sense the defenses are going to be key, and both of them are leaving a lot to desired. A very active match is expected. I believe that despite Morelia form of away is not very strong and Cafetaleros at home provides good matches sometimes, the asian handicap in favor of Morelia, due to their display in the last matches will be the key for Morelia to proceed to next stage in copa MX.

Monarcas Morelia -0.25AH with 8 units @ 1.96 at Dafabet
Over 2.5 goals with 2 units @ 2.20 with BetCity

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Atletico Zacatepec vs Pachuca
2018, March 08, 02:00 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX - Knockout

Atletico Zacatepec
I achieve the classification thanks to the closing of the group stage of the Copa MX with two victories, against a Liga MX like Necaxa, and of local against Murciélagos to achieve the pass, but the team does not have fond memories of matches against Pachuca, having lost the most recent in October of 2017 for a blush 5 - 0 in Pachuca, so he will look for a rematch.

The team marches irregularly in the Ascent MX, where it has an even performance in the house as a visitor, it really stands out in some of them, it has the same number of victories, that of defeats, and precisely its last home defeat was against Atlético San Luis that had a Pachuca almost eliminated.

The team usually focuses on defending, but in the last four games the defense has gone bad at the worst moment, reaching the last blow of the previous match, reaching up to 4 goals that allowed a Miners, if the team could score one, but If the defense did not achieve a better performance that does not have much case.

The team has been strong at home in the Copa MX, and sought to continue with that, of the last four home games, has three wins and one draw, in three of those games were against teams of the MX League, so is to take into consideration that there is not a single one, but all of them sent alternative equipment, which has acted in favor of Zacatepec.

With two consecutive defeats the team begins to question, is already in the loss to San Luis in Copa, the team was considered eliminated, but managed to pass thanks to the goals of visitors, so this eliminating is seen as a gain, which try to get the most out of it.

Despite the defeat against Toluca, the team gave a good display of football and managed to tie, but then they were again behind the scoreboard and without Opportunities without matching the match. Their performance has been quite irregular and above all much better at home.

But in Copa MX, with only four defeats in the last 10 games, 1 draw and five wins in the other's backyard, especially at home of Ascenso teams, where even before the loss with San Luis, they have won both games previous where they have made teams of Ascent league, one of them precisely to San Luis.

It is expected that the team send an alternative team, but with more experienced elements this time, given that the final result was not the other favorable and are here by the regulation, but by little and do not qualify. The team works well the basic forces and occupies the cup to give them a game, in this aspect the Copa MX final is played with a team based on youth and they just lost 1-0 against a Monterrey with stellar, so they are elements of quality, which will hope to recover from the defeat before San Luis.

The match is expected attractive, Pachuca usually play and let play, so that Atlético Zacatepec has an atmosphere conducive to an offensive duel.
The quality of Pachuca must be imposed against an Atlético de Zacatepec that takes advantage of the group that touched him, Pachuca will suffer even more than these in defining instances, he will send all his arsenal based on his youth to get advance to the next round.
Pachuca -0.25 AH with 8 units @ 1.80 at Unibet


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Atletico Zacatepec 1 - 1 Pachuca

-4 units

Pachuca was able to recover from allowing an early penalty kick. And tie the match but was unable to score another one, and in the penalties was kickout of the competition.

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Necaxa vs Santos Laguna
2018, April 05, 04:15 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX

Unbeaten in the last five matches, the team while advancing in Copa Mx, winning both previous eliminations rounds by 1-2 scorelines, against Pumas, and Atlas, in Liga MX the team has five matches without victory, with three consecutive draws 1-1, against Queretaro, Pachuca and Pumas, in last two the team came from behind to rescue a point, and they have help them remain near qualification spots, but that should not continue or they could miss playoffs.

The team bright side is that they have been scoring at least a goal in the last eleven matches, but on the dark side, the team defense has concede at least a goal in the last seven matches, and if the defense has been more solid the team would be higher on the standings.

At home the team has get some good result as is the win against Monterrey, or draw against Toluca, but has not showed consistancy, and precisely it was there their lastest defeat was, as Santos Laguna beat them 1-2.

Coach Ambriz likes to have solid defense, and is something that in their latest match has been lacking, and from there he likes to build up the gameplay with counterattacks and quick transitions, and has important players as C. Gonzalez, and Victor Davila, together with Matias Fernandez, which despite not scoring much provides good passes and is a threat in free kicks.

Santos Laguna
Last match, the team was overwhelmed by the dynamics and youth of Atlas, and due to penalty was down 3-0 for the halftime, in the second half the team was able to overcome this and showed why they where leaders of the competition, when Furch scored twice in two minutes to get Santos closer to Atlas, but in the remaining 20 minutes the team was not able to get the equalizer. A hard defeat that will work as a wake up call for this match.

The match was the return of Djaniny, the score leader of the team, to the pitch and despite not scoring, it was quickly to change the dynamic of the team and with his present the team present a more offensive flow.

Before the lastest defeat, the team had seven matches without lossing, with two eliminations rounds of Copa MX, where both where won by the minimum margin, the team has showing solid defending, and able to score the needed goals to avoid penalties and mantain in the top of Liga MX.

A tight match, both teams are invested in the competition, and have been getting the needed results. Santos Laguna offensive playmaking is precisely the opposite to Necaxa that focus on defending and counterattacking, which might provide an standstill, but I sense it would be an attractive match.

Santos Laguna should return to the winning path, the team wakeup call against Atlas should have them more focus on this match, meanwhile Necaxa will mantain their system, therefore a close match, but Santos Laguna scoring power should prevail and get the team to the next round, and that is why the value is on the level ball for Santos Laguna. Additional to that, in last five matches between, Santos Laguna has claimed four victories and only draw once.

Santos Laguna 0 AH with 6 units @ 2.14 at 1Xbet
Under 2.5 with 2 units @ 1.86 at Marathonbet

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Monterrey vs Necaxa
2018, July 16, 00:00 hrs (CET Time)
Supercup MX

Match between the champions of the two Copa MX editions of the previous soccer year. Monterrey champion of the Copa MX Apertura 2017 and Necaxa champion of the Copa MX Clausura 2018.

Both teams premiere coach, on the part of Monterrey, Diego Alonso takes the reins of the team, while on the part of Necaxa, Marcelo Leaño will do the same.

Monterrey retains the base of the team that allowed him to win the Copa MX and qualify to both playoffs, in one reaching to the final, the team was reinforced thinking about taking the final step, so they brought Rodolfo Pizarro, Jesus Gallardo, and the change in the goal position, sending his goalkeeper Hugo Gonzalez to Necaxa and getting Marcelo Barovero from the same team and also named best goalkeeper in the Liga MX. It was not the only casualty that Necaxa had as important players such as Igor Lichnosky, Miguel Ponce, Roberto Alvarado and Carlos Gonzalez, important man in the midfield and with a goal, among others.

In balance, the change in the goal might not be so bad for Necaxa, but the changes in the rest of the team and the arrival of several players, together with the arrival of a new coach, are too many variables to combine and I think it will take some time for them to achieve the proper functioning. Additionally, it will be the premiere in the first division of Leaño, which comes from the Liga de Ascenso MX. While in Copa MX, those of Ascenso MX have given good results taking advantage of the fact that many Liga MX teams send alternative teams.

The match will be played in Carson, California, at the Stubhub Center, in a doubleheader, after this match the Champion of Champions will also be played between the the champions of Liga MX.

Due to the above, Monterrey has the advantage, Diego Alonso has already coached in Liga MX, and lost a final against Monterrey, in addition to the offensive power with Dorlan Pabon, Rogelio Funes Mori, Aviles Hurtado, among others. So they should get this title and close the preseason in an excellent way. But it will not be easy, a Necaxa is expected closing the spaces, but the little time together will work against them.

Monterrey with 8 units @ 1.92 at Coolbet

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Monterrey 0 - 1 Necaxa

-8 units

Necaxa counterattack help them took an early lead on the first half, and despite multiples chances for Monterrey they where unable to even tie the match, therefore Necaxa won the title.

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Morelia vs Alebrijes Oaxaca
2018, July 25, 04:00 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX

Despite the defeat 2-0 against Toluca, in reality the match was level, both teams had chances. Morelia had two goals, both disallowed because of players being out of line.
The controversy was that meanwhile the team was celebrating the goal that equalizes the match, Toluca took advantage of the referee call and launch and attack that ended with Rubens Sambueza scoring the second goal.
Morelia might send their alternative squad, which has shown in previous Copa MX that they can deliver. With youth players such as Miguel Sansores, Carlos Fierro, Salvador Reyes.

Albrijes also start with defeat, as they lost in their away match against Juarez by 1-0 in an un expected result for the team.
In recent times, the team has been able to proceed in Copa MX, and has shown good defensive qualities. Also the team has been participant in Ascenso MX playoffs, therefore we can not dimiss it quickly.

For this match Morelia should impose as being at home, and knowing that a good start is the key to avoid having to use main players in the last group matches.

Morelia -1 AH with 5 units @ 1.96 at Pinnacle

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Celaya vs Pachuca
2018, July 25, 02:00 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX

Celaya FC is one of the most stable projects of Ascenso MX, and last season they managed to be in the Ascenso MX playoffs, however Dorados eliminated them winning both matches. It was precisely before Dorados against who opened this season of Ascenso MX and although they do not win, they improve the result of playoffs, because they manage to get a draw.

It begins its participation in the Copa MX, for its bad fortune the team faces a team that has not been able to defeat in the last four matches. Two defeats in Hidalgo, and in Celaya has achieved a draw and a defeat. Therefore they struggle in the games against Pachuca, but if something we can emphasize is that the defense tries to avoid goals.

Pachuca started the tournament with a 1-0 defeat against Monterrey, it is worth noting that this is one of the strongest squads of the Mexican tournament. Hard the home defeat, but fortunately for them comes this Copa MX game soon, where the team has managed to deploy its youth players. Pachuca is one of the biggest producers of young players in Mexico, and they provide the spaces for them to perform.

Intense and disputed match, where due to the previous tendency, it is with Pachuca where the value lies in this match. The youth of Pachuca will seek to take the opportunity to seek their passage to the first team.

Pachuca -0.25 AH with 8 units @ 2.14 at 5Dimes

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Monterrey vs Puebla
2018, August 02, 04:00 hrs (CET Time)
Copa MX

Currently undefeated in Liga MX, the team has claimed six points from two games, and will know focus on Copa MX. The team lost Supercopa MX in the middle of last month in Stubhub Center in California.  Now they will play infront of their own fans.

For this match an alternative squad is expected, with players like Alfonso Gonazalez and Jesus Molina in the starting XI.  FW Dorlan Pabon is expected to be on the lineup after missing the first two matches of the season due to a knee injury. Together with Luis Madrigal, who scored 18 goals in Ascenso MX last year, the couple posses an offensive threat.

If there is something to highlight is that Monterrey has not received goal from Pachuca or Leon, both teams with important offensive players. The team is slowly taking in Diego Alonso play style, which is focused on defense and ball possesion, from there coming the scoring chances. Monterrey produced scoring chances, but the front line has just scored one in each match, with the change of players there might be better accuracy.

Started Copa MX with a victory against Venados by 1-0 at Cuauhtemoc Stadium in Puebla.  In Liga MX, the team recovered from the defeat against Cruz Azul and won 2-1 to Toluca. Last Copa MX match against Venados, Francisco Acuña scored the decisive goal, but might miss this match as he played in the weekend against Toluca.

But Puebla squad is not short of alternatives with Jonathan Espericuita, Pablo Gonzalez and Luis Robles available to face Rayados.The team is expected to play conservative in their playmaking as that has been the norm under coach Meza.

If Puebla gets behind on the scoreline the team has not shown an ability to answer back, against Cruz Azul the team was just dominated in the end and concede two more goals.

Monterrey should dominate the actions of the match, with the flowing going through their midfield, expect many centers from the side. Monterrey will take care of the defense, and the key  that could turn the match will be if Puebla is able to score, then Puebla will be more keen on defending and from there counterattacking.  But Monterrey should dominate and have the best scoring chances.
Monterrey has enough quality in their side to proceed in both Liga MX and Copa MX. Monterrey has shown patience in their previous games and build from not allowing goal first. I expect that to continue and the opportunity to youth players will be used in earnest, more by Luis Madrigal, therefore I expect Monterrey to win by more than one goal, yet with medium stake as Puebla will but a fierce defensive stand.

Monterrey -1 AH with 6 units @ 1.87 at SBOBET

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America vs FC Juarez
2018, September 26, 04:15 hrs
Copa MX

  America has four victories in a row, with two home winners as two away winners. However, the last victory at away against Puebla was marked by referee details, goal in offside and a non-existent penalty in the last minutes of the game.
  For this game America will not have Edson Alvarez who was sent off in that game. In the first positions of Liga MX, the team had been dominant, but the last game leaves many doubts about it.

  In Copa MX, America took advantage of being in a group with two teams that did not put much opposition, Dorados and Veracruz, the only result that was not victory was the scoreless draw against Dorados.

 FC Juarez
  FC Juarez is unbeaten in the Ascenso MX, with six victories and two draws, which have them in the second position of the Ascenso MX. Especially showing a defensive solidity that has seen them accept only 3 goals in 8 games, all of them at away.

  For its part in Copa MX, the team obtained the necessary results to advance, especially the victory at awya against Toluca, and important draws that gave the important points to joint  Tijuana to proceed to next stage.,

  Additionally, contrary to America, the team has been resting, given that since there are 15 teams in Ascenso MX, each team has one week off. The team will seek its first surprise in what is its premiere at the  Aztec Stadium. It is expected that coach Gabriel Caballero send his best lineup.

  Both teams come to this game without losing in the last five games. It is expected an intense match in the grass of the Azteca Stadium. Much more even than the odds indicate. America has not lost at home this season, however after the game against Puebla and the good form that brings FC Juarez, the favorable handicap for the away team seems too high, so we go with them.

FC Juarez + 1.5 AH with 7 units @ 2.00 at 1xBet

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Tijuana vs Cruz Azul
2018, September 26, 04:15 hrs
Copa MX

Arrives with three consecutive victories in Liga MX, all three by identical results in which he has won by the minimum difference without accepting a goal, and it is above all that aspect that will have greater importance in this match. The one who loses is eliminated.

Tijuana at home has not lost this season with six games played at home, three wins and three draws mantaint them undefeated making Caliente Stadium one of the most difficult to get some points, only exceeded by the performance of Cruz Azul at the Azteca stadium.

In Copa MX, the team won both matches against Toluca and FC Juarez, and only lost to Toluca 1-0, but the team was already classified to the next round and used an alternative squad. With that result the team has to face Cruz Azul for this encounter.

Of the last five home games, two have been won without a goal, but the previous three received a goal from Cruz Azul, FC Juarez and Santos Laguna.

Cruz Azul
 Cruz Azul continued to increase its advantage at the top of Liga MX, when it clearly exceeded one of the considered trap games against the last place Atlas, where it won 2-0, accentuating the red-black crisis and especially its good form at home. And more than anything recovering from the first defeat in Liga MX at Necaxa's home.

 However, at away, the dynamic is very different, with only one win in four matches, the team tends to suffer, since it has received more goals than it has scored. And while it has a lot of offensive power, at away has hardly been seen.

In the previous match Cauteruccion and Javier Salas were with the U-20 team, there is much speculation as to why, but in any case they are expected to make the trip to the border to take part in this match.

In Copa MX the team has given good matches, scoring at least two goals in each except the last against Atlas, which fell by 1-0, it is worth mentioning that the team came already classified and used an alternative lineup, which was the cause of them playing against Tijuana, which is not a simple team at home.

The key to the development of the game will be determined by who manages to score the first goal and how the defenses will perform. Both are doing a good job, which could indicate a game of few goals, but I think both have the quality to score and look to proceed in Copa MX.
In the last game between them here last August, Cruz Azul rescued a point with a goal in the last minute, in this game I think both teams will try to avoid having to reach that end.I'll take the both teams to score, a little risky but I think it's the one that is most likely in this match because there is no tomorrow. Prevail or be kickout of the competition.

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Chivas Guadalajara vs Pumas UNAM
2018, September 27, 04:15 hrs
Copa MX

Chivas Guadalajara
The team has gotten closer to playoffs positions, and improve their overall standing in Liga MX with three wins in last five matches. With rather irregular results, but being able to score in all of those games.

In Copa MX the team finish as first place of their group with 10 points, unbeaten with three wins and a draw. The team is eager to win this cup again.

Chivas will try to keep their positive mometum going before they face their biggest rival America in the weekend Superclasico.  And with America kicked out of the competition, their morale can not be higher.

Coach Jose Cardozo has improved the team and made a very competitive side and surpassed the low expectations, above all their performance at home has greatly improved.

Pumas UNAM
More than half the season has gone by and Pumas has avoid the midseason fallout that happen last season, and has now four matches without losing, keeping the team in the top five. They relay too much on their offensive, than when it has scored in three of last five matches has been at least two goals, still two matches the team went scoreless.

In Copa MX, the team barely proceed thanks to both wins against Tampico Madero, as they lost both their encounters against Necaxa.

Pumas will need to improved greatly if they wished to proceed in this knockout stage, and against a popular team as Chivas Guadalajara that would be a bigger victory.

Pumas has not beaten Chivas in Guadalajara since 1982, more than 30 years without a win. Both teams arrive to his season having only lost a match in the previous five, with a positive momentum that indicates an atractive match. Everything at stake in this match, Guadalajara rides on the positive aspect of not having lost against Pumas in 35 years at home, a huge streak.

Both teams will look to proceed anything else can be considered a failure for either team, therefore I sense both will be offensive and look to score, therefore the both teams to score option has the best value. Together with the fact that three of the last four matches between them in Guadalajara have ended with goals from both teams. As well that both has been scoring lately.

Both Teams To Score with 7 units @ 1.87 at Unibet

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On 9/25/2018 at 5:09 PM, Xcout said:

America vs FC Juarez

FC Juarez + 1.5 AH with 7 units @ 2.00 at 1xBet

America 2 - 2 FC Juarez

7 units

On 9/25/2018 at 5:43 PM, Xcout said:

Tijuana vs Cruz Azul
 both teams to score

Tijuana  1 - 2 Cruz Azul

0 units

On 9/26/2018 at 7:37 PM, Xcout said:

Chivas Guadalajara vs Pumas UNAM

Both Teams To Score with 7 units @ 1.87 at Unibet

Chivas Guadalajara 1 - 3 Pumas UNAM

6.09 units

Day Result: 13.09 units

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