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** February Poker League Result : 1st juanmoment, 2nd Rivrd, 3rd the_dak **
** Last Man Standing Results - drew005 wins £250 / Wishy wins £50 **
** January Naps Competition Result: 1st SILVER FOX, 2nd LIKE A ROUGHIE, 3rd DAISYCHAIN, 4th MRJOL. KO Cup Winner GLAVINTOBY, Most Winners: ALASTAIR **

Ooblio R.I.P.

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A great loss to our community here and many others across the poker community , Has had a great impact on my poker through his kindness and honest words and really helped me get myself into a better mindset when going through variance. A true inspiration to me and the way he carried on living life with a smile on his face even through these very difficult times.

My heart goes out to Donna & the rest of your family , R.I.P  

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I first met Mark with Donna through Avon, but we quickly discovered we shared a common interest in poker. I believe he was already a member here at the time but I think soon after that he started to be a regular poster and he became stalwart of the poker forum.  He had an enormous talent for poker and was a prolific player. Regrettably with PL changing forum platforms we have lost all the old awards data, but I am certain Mark would be the most winning MVP player we have ever had.  And as Dan says, he also took the time to encourage and support other players, and put his money behind many staking requests.


RIP ooblio, this place is the poorer for you not being here.

Sending you all my love Donna.



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Incredibly sad news.

Was lucky enough to meet up with Mark & Donna a couple of times on PL weekends in Coventry & Brum, but of course already felt like I knew them really well via the forum already.

Mark & I chatted endlessly about poker, he loved talking poker, all aspects of poker, be it discussing overview strategy, tournament selection, rebuy tactics or best ways to deal with tricky hands or situations arising during a game.

To define his talent by a single tournament would be doing him an incredible injustice, but I for one will never forget how he qualified for WPT National in Newcastle and then converted that single entry into a runner-up finish in what was a multiple-day 1 accumulator format event. To outplay other players is one thing, but to outplay seasoned players who'd accumulated 2 or 3 days worth of chips was and still is hugely impressive.

Thoughts, love & big hugs to Donna and all of Mark's family & friends.

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I knew Mark was ill for a while now but it still has shocked and saddened me greatly.  I knew Mark through poker and met him via PL.  Mark is the without doubt the single person I have played the most online poker with...he loved the game more than anyone I know and I for one will be immensely sad not to see my old mate on the regular online MTT circuits that he frequented and crushed.  I have many many happy/hilarious memories of our Las Vegas Team Challenge exploits over the years - not least the time we won but didn't due to rules/technicalities etc....During these events I didn't know too many people and would quite often attend by myself.....both Mark and Donna took me under their wing and treated me like a member of their family - something they did not have to do and I will forever remember Mark's kindness.   

RIP ooblio...you will be missed but not forgotten!

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Announcement from local newspaper with details for donations if anyone wishes to send. I understand that Sue Ryder Manorlands provided homecare for Mark to enable him to remain at home.


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I too posted on Facebook. I was unaware of Mark's illness and so it came as a complete shock. Of all the new people i have met on PL Mark was my personal favorite. He was so easy to talk you and i completely understand Andys comments re "took me under their wing". Mark staked me to play a tournament in Leeds only a few months after i started posting regularly on this site. I didnt cash and felt bad but Mark just encouraged me to keep playing and was always positive about my game. He was really chuffed for me when i cashed in the same tournament the following year and joined Donna on the final table. 

RIP Ooblio

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Think we gave Mark a good send off today. Standing room only for the service with quite a lot of poker friends travelling up to Yorkshire and a lovely eulogy from Vince Eley (of the Bridkid games). They are planning a memorial live game later in the year.

We left him with a pack of cards, so no doubt he's already on a new winning streak and singing along to Elvis's Viva Las Vegas.


wp m8 gg

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Crazy!! wtf! nutter! are some of the thoughts that came to me when i was playing online against Mark (Ooblio).....and in the chat box  :loon truth is ....in many games he put my thinking of the game to the sword (or did he fk with my head? he did like to chat lol......and in many ways improved my game at the time . Whatever I thought about online poker....Mark made me re-think (it was brutal at times). I met Mark in leeds for maybe 2 mins (in reality) with his lovely lady Donna. Me and My bruv Pete were at Leeds (his turf) for a live tournament and Mark was such an effusive, positive ray of sunshine,I thought he was was gonna explode and win the tournament.....a multi-tabling leviathon of online poker come good live! you made me laugh online, playing against you many times Mark, so thanks for the that! to you mate, i wont forget you :cheers

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So Shocked...such sad news, Oobs RIP. Enjoyed some great run ins on the tables and had some great fun in the online poker world with such a great player.

Respect Mark, we enjoyed banter and i think we will have cursed each other at the computer a few times but all in the good name of poker and always with respect.

So sorry to hear this Donna, thoughts are with you, family and friends.

        A very sad BBK. 

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