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*** York Ebor Competition: Well done to 1st daveg, 2nd glavintobuy & 3rd Donnyflyer ***
** August Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd ian309, 3rd Manc **
** August Naps Competition Result: 1st Zidane123, 2nd Adamross, 3rd Wanderlust, 4th Rainbow. KO Cup Winner: Peter York, Most Winners: Alastair **

*****Grosvenor Restricted 5k WSOP Freeroll - 5 Seats EXCLUSIVE to PL! (Closes 11am Wednesday)*****

Sir Puntalot

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The tourney is "£5,000 Vegas Freeroll" and starts at 8pm Wednesday (tomorrow!)

Please follow the instructions below to enter.

1. Sign up using this link to get your Grosvenor Account.

2. Reply in this thread, I'm in. :ok 

3. Send an email with Subject Line: Grosvenor 5k to team@punterslounge.com with your grosvenor username AND your grosvenor poker screen name.

4. There is no number 4, move along please. ;)

Winner will be picked at random 11am tomorrow and your details forwarded to Grosvenor, where you will be manually inserted into the tourney. :ok 

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Unfortunately I can't log into Grosvenor since their upgrade (issues with not having IE10 capability I believe), so please make sure you have downloaded the new software and check you can log in if you are playing this.


I can see the tourney in the lobby, 1st prize is a £2500 WSOP Colossus package for Vegas, with other prizes of Vegas tourney tickets.  It's an invitation only tournament and only 105 in at the moment, this is a great chance for someone from PL to win a trip to Vegas. :ok

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:lol:lol:lol sure I've seen 69peter69 in PL tourneys. Maybe? Nicely played ;)

Good luck to anybody still in :hope 


** Hand # 5986442697 starting - 2016-04-13 20:23:25
** £5,000 Vegas Freeroll[16834869]:Table 12 [Multi Table Hold'em] (15|30 NL - MTT) Real Money

logJam sitting in seat 1 with 5,326
Lanos sitting in seat 2 with 9,185[Dealer]
shoeless_X sitting in seat 3 with 2,975
jimmytoon sitting in seat 4 with 3,900
69peter69 sitting in seat 5 with 2,515
SambaPL sitting in seat 6 with 2,429
birdseye55 sitting in seat 7 with 2,855[Sitting out]
ifihaveto sitting in seat 8 with 2,682
shoeless_X posted the small blind - 15
jimmytoon posted the big blind - 30

** Dealing cards to SambaPL: :9d: , :9h:
69peter69 raised to 60
SambaPL raised to 120
birdseye55 folded
ifihaveto folded
logJam raised to 275
Lanos folded
shoeless_X folded
jimmytoon folded
69peter69 called - 215
SambaPL called - 155

** Dealing the flop: :3c: , :2s: ,  :8d:
69peter69 checked
SambaPL checked
logJam bet - 339
69peter69 called - 339
SambaPL went all-in - 2,154
logJam folded
69peter69 called - 1,815
69peter69 shows: :5d: , :6d:  :clap:clap 
SambaPL shows: :9d: , :9h:

** Dealing the turn: :2d:

** Dealing the river: :3d:
69peter69 wins 5,517 from the main pot

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