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Hawthorn v Carlton

Carlton @ 5.00 & +33.5 @ 1.93

I don't always like to move so early but think it's worth the gamble that Hawks won't trim all three from their long list of inexperienced players while, at same time, Blues shed a couple of very their best. If that happenned I still think Carlton are a realistic chance. As it is now, Carlton have come up well for team strength. Dominant bigs forward are often a key factor in these games and Blues appear to have the advantage there. Refreshed enthusiasm from bringing in new coach and coming off poor season together with lots of players in the 20-50 game bracket ready to show out. Hawthorn obviously know the ground but will be a little behind in preparation and apetite and the fact remains that they haven't done a lot lately, not winning since October.




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On 20/2/2016, 9:36:33, binomial said:

Port +28.5

missing many of their best but still a decent looking side to me. 


Good get! Usually wise to not be too carried away with Longmire week one squads. Torrential downpour LQ wasn't such a bad thing either.

Gold Coast -15.5 @ 1.92

Will have a superior more experienced squad that should run out the game stronger. Both are off dissapointing seasons, which more likely will producer truer efforts.

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6 hours ago, binomial said:

Port -36.5

Richmond -6.5

Thinking Richmond will be keener after poor showing against fremantle.

Joined you on Richmond, only on later at -10.5 @ 1.90. Hawks with six of best eight/ten out, more rookies and a little behind in prep. Might find Richmond depth & quality too much to handle.

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Managed to get Carlton 2.35 & +5.5 @ 1.91 before it tumbled in. Will be interesting to see what we get from Essendon first up but feel Blues are entitled favorite on home deck and with run under belt. Will have made adjustments to not quite executing on the game plan last week, while Dons first up under their new coach.

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GWS @ 2.60 & +11.5 @ 1.92

Despite first appearances, GWS will most likely have a distinct quality edge across the final squads. Tight Drummoyne Oval may tend to better suit Sydney and last week's slack effort will be something they'll, at some point, look to improve upon but GWS still deserve favortism IMO.

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North Melbourne @ 2.18 & +5.5 @ 1.91

Somewhat stronger more experienced squad and North likely to be aiming to be better placed to bank early wins this season - two week break break helps their program. Both should have similar rotation plans in these conditions, thus diminishing that bit of guess work. Collingwood were very much on-song first up, so no certainty that carry's through.

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Port Adelaide @ 2.10 & +4.5 @ 1.90

Obviously these prices have gone but Port should be a clear cut favorite IMO

Carlton +34.5 @ 1.90

Should see improved intensity from both, which is why Sydney winning strongly is justifiable, only that Carlton's squad depth means winning big will be diffulct.

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11 minutes ago, binomial said:

this is feel / guess rather than science though.

Best way to do it, sometimes!

Am really surprised (apart from reputation factor) that Adelaide are so short. Looks like humidity will be really high, so Suns, who have impressed IMO, could cash in on it.

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The total went into an unexpected free fall on you after HT but still seemed the right bet.

Two experienced Gold Coast players trimmed off that squad seemed to cost the cover but that's what can happen if electing to secure an early deal. :\

I can't seperate these two in the early game. Took Collingwood yesterday @ 2.53 & +9.5 @ 1.93

Hawks - Roos seems evens as well, IMO. North Melbourne @ 2.60 @ +15.5 @ 1.90 (taken yesterday).


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