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andybell666 (MVP)

Daily MTT winnings - November 2015

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Maybe i'm a bad curse lol , hope we find a way to bring people back unfortunately seems tough to get people to involve themselves , it's almost like now there is no added value tourney's here everyone has forgot the community spirit that used to exist. 

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Yes, would be gutting to see the PL Poker community die off.

Myself, I have hardly played a hand of online poker in 2015. I have 10 days off over the Xmas &

will play some Tournaments. Had a quick look around the sites & there is loads of Xmas Tree giveaways, Tournies etc over the festive period. :beer:beer:beer

Will post some up later tonight.

Keep the PL Poker Community Alive. :ok:ok:ok


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only 2 participants all month....thanks for keeping me company Dan!  I guess if there is no uplift in December that could be it for this thread ongoing...prove me wrong people!!

Cashes Amount   Average cash
Rank Name Qty Rank Name Total $   Name $
1 andybell666 16 1 andybell666  $       785.11   andybell666  $       49.07
2 Danshot 7 2 Danshot  $       110.18   Danshot  $       15.74
3     3          
4     4          
5     5          
6     6          
        Total  $       895.29      
MVP andybell666 1st            
MVP Danshot 2nd            
MVP   3rd            

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