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What a state the Betting Game is right Now!

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It’s been coming for many years but the restrictions and majority of Bookmakers unwilling to lay any volume of money especially on Horse Racing is starting to  having a dramatic affect.

Let’s Name and shame the biggest culprits!

William Hill – won’t lay any reasonable bets

Betfred – Should be re-named Bet Restrictions

Ladbrokes – Become such a back number these days – restrictions galore

Stan James – does anyone ever even try with these clowns anymore?  

Victor Chandler – pointless even asking for a price let alone a bet- pt –pt Bookmakers lay more than these lot!

Paddy Power – Pathetic cut prices willy nilly after restricting you to £25-£50

Skybet – All they want to take is mug £10!


With the options of getting any volume on now pretty much leading punters to the Betting Exchanges – it shouldn’t come as any shock when Bookmakers start merging or cutting back.


One of the major problems facing Horse Racing punters and owners is people like ‘Andy Holding’ tipping up horse at 4 .30 in the afternoon on oddschecker – I can’t see any benefit  to punters or owners  by smashing up markets before the previous days racing has finished.


An example a few weeks ago was ‘Miss Bossy Boots’ priced up at 14/1 by Bet 365 mid-afternoon – by 6.30 that evening the horse was available at 6/1! It went on to dead heat returning at 4/1.

Anyone with an ounce of sense know they can’t get any money overnight but more importantly they can’t take 4/1 about something that has been 14/1 on a regular basis and expect to make a profit long term.  I can only conclude the likes of Andy Holding is saving the Bookmakers billions a year and cost owners and punter fortunes – If the column was released after mid-day on the day of the racing it wouldn’t be so much of an issue . From an owners point of view who are the life blood of the game it’s very unhelpful!  It’s little wonder some horse run inconsistently when this type of thing is happening on a regular basis!

When the eventually the individuals responsible for running Horse Racing finally realise the game gone down the pan – It will become evident clear where the problem truly lies.

People are walking away from the game on a daily basis – it can only result in closure of courses and people losing their jobs long term. We are in age where Bookmakers generally won’t lay punters to lose £1000 on any market – unless they are serial losers. So what you are left with is a game that has become recreational serving £10 –£20 punters which can’t be beneficial for the wellbeing of the sport.

While the festivals will always be popular the day to day bread butter stuff has a dark future based on the Bookmakers stance in regards laying bets.

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The points weren’t solely about getting on- the value has been smashed up the night before and limited amounts of cash have formed markets – so in theory Bookmakers should have more confidence to lay bets -but they don’t! Punters aren’t stupid when they feel any sort of value has been sucked out of the game they will walk away – The In running markets are still thriving on other sports, but punters still have issues with exchange charges if they are very successful.

This is ultimately leading to less liquidity (Especially on Horse Racing bread & butter markets) – many would argue it’s totally over saturated anyway and it should be culled. Less Racing means less jockeys –less trainers etc etc ! You could write a book on the problems within this industry and one of the biggest problems is they all pull in different directions, so the reality of getting anything sorted out for the people who are the life blood of sport seems extremely unlikely. .

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Not a fan of the LAY bet, it just breeds corruption, ANY horse that makes a journey to the race track should be running to he or she's best possible position, if ANY horse is being backed heavy to lose it's always going to raise eyebrows.

Train a horse to win or at least be competitive, if it's been sent out to Lose in my world that's cheating, it cheats the public, the punter, you might have a few stood with a low smile Cos they were in the know that the animal would get beat, but what about the hundreds or thousands that were robbed because of corruption / cheats.

Racing would change for the better if only they would BAN from immediate affect the corrupt Lay Bet!

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Not all trainers can have horses for the Classics and Group 1 races. They have handicappers, but as anyone knows, your horse's BHA mark will go up when it wins, but it won't come back down by the same margin if it loses next time out. You need the handicapper to think 'I gave that too much of a hike' so you tell your jockey to run it down the field.  There are a variety of ways to get it it beaten, it's not exactly cheating, it's a business after all. Everybody knows it happens, and anybody who backs handicappers to win 2 or 3 in a row won't be winning overall.

The all weather courses can supply more hints than turf does, imo.  Looking at sire stats for different courses can give very different win to run ratios for the same sire. The new Tapeta surface at Wolverhampton is a lot different to Fibresand at Southwell, or Polytrack at Kempton, Lingfield, Chelmsford and Dundalk.  Some courses being left handed while others are right handed, reading all the stats shows the difference between one sire at different courses, from that you can sometimes calculate if the trainer is going for a win or for a gallop.

Hughie Morrison for example, has a Fibresand gallop at home, so if one of his runs at Southwell it shoud be noted who the sire is before having a bet, or a lay.

The best AW sire for al courses overall is probably Shamardal (USA)  hard to believe he has had pleny of winners at large prices, including two in recent weeks at 20s and 50s.  Who would back Mark Prescott's horses in maidens? They are there to be layed, we all know they are running over the wrong distance to get a decent  BHA mark  Two races at 7 furlongs, one at a mile, beaten a long way each time, gets a mark, then hoses up over 12 furlongs.  



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