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NAP of the Day Competition ~ Rules & Information

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Monthly Naps Competition Rules 

  • If you are a new member or just want to enter for the first time, simply post in the Daily NAPS thread for that day and you'll be included.
  • The competition will be run each calendar month.
  • The winner will be the tipster with the most accumulated profit over the month.
  •  If totals are level for any prizes the amount of winners selected takes precedence. (then amount of bets placed)
  •  1pt win or 0.50pts EW each day allowed. (Losses will be incurred for losers)(Win bet taken if not specified)
  •  Reasoning is PREFERRED bot not required for all bets (All reasoning must be the authors original copy)
  • STRICTLY no editing of posts containing tips, if you need to correct something do it in another post, any late edits will result in disqualification from the competition.
  • 1 bet per day, Max. If a member posts twice the latest one will count towards the competition.
  • If a member selects more than one horse in the same post, it will be void (unless a reserve is stated)
  • A minimum of 15 bets is required to qualify for any prizes in that particular month, including qualification for the followings months KO Cup. (NR's at Abandoned meetings do not count towards bet total)
  • Any race can be selected as long as it is covered by the Racing Post / ATR and appears on  Oddschecker. Races outside of the UK must have a price quoted and the time of the race can be no later than the last UK/Ire race for that day.(no tote dividends acceptable). Eg; USA, SA, FRA, JAP, HK, AUS etc...
  •  Reserves will be allowed in case of doubts about original selection running.
  • All bets posted must be at least 5 mins before the race time (no exceptions) and include the Time, Course, Price and Selection.
  • Early prices can be taken but must be available at the time of the post in the competition thread, these will be checked and if the price was not available SP will be used.
  • Prices can't be changed once posted and must be in the original post, the first price taken is the only one that will count, all edits can be seen by moderators.
  • Any bets with no price quoted or bookmaker stated will be taken at SP.
  • No Exchange Prices are allowed.
  • R4 5p and 10p will be waived for the purpose of the competition. If a R4 deduction takes the price less than the SP then the bet will revert to the SP.
  • No conditional bets or special offers by any bookmaker will apply to the competition.
  • On the final three days of the month anyone found posting a tactical selection (ie Copying) which gains an unfair advantage (whether that be to decide a prize winning opportunity or a Cup qualification place) will be penalised and that selection will be deemed a loser.
  • *Rules updated March 2018.
    KO CUP Rules

    Rules as follows:

    • Top 20 finishers plus anyone in profit from the NAPS Final table will qualify, minimum required bets will be needed which is 15
    • All players will play in Qualifying Round and top 8 scorers go forward to next round.
    • Pairings seeded from finishing position after qualifying, 1v8, 2v7 and so on.
    • Matches will be played on each of the Saturdays of that month.
    • 3 Selections required each round, plus reserves if you desire.
    • 1pt Win or 0.50pt EW can be selected, if no stake included a win bet will be awarded.
    • Player with most profit will go forward to the next round, if a tie, a playoff will be played on the following day.
    • From the 2nd Round onwards we operate a First come first served basis, player can not have the same selection as his opponent in his 3 main picks, if this happens it will be regarded as a loser, reserves will not be used in this case.
    • The deadline for bets to be posted is 2pm
    • All 3 selections must be posted at the same time in one post, no 10 minute ruling but before the 2pm deadline.
    • Once in the head to head stages Selections can not be changed once your opponent has posted.
    • Multiple horses from the same race is allowed.
    • Reserves can be added in case of NR's but not if you or your opponents bet has started, so it makes sense to post the reserves in the original post.
    • Horses can be posted after the deadline if a meeting is abandoned for any reason which includes selections.
    • Prices can be taken as per the NAPS Table rules.
    • Winner of the Cup will win £30 via PayPal account.


 Prize Money

  • £80 to the winner + Punters Lounge Merchandise
  • £40 to the second + Punters Lounge Merchandise
  • £20 to the third + Plus Punters Lounge Merchandise
  • £10 to the fourth
  • £30 KO CUP winner

ALLOW UP TO 14 DAYS FOR PAYMENT (Will be a lot earlier most of the time) 


Punters Lounge Merchandise

Updated 3rd April 2019:

You can now win unlimited Punters Lounge merchandise, even if you have won them before. It consists of the mug with a wraparound logo, updated to our new 3D logo recently. You'll also win a pack of 10 pens, which have also been upgraded to a much better quality. See below :ok 

pl merchandise.jpg

Claiming Your Prize

Prizes will be paid through Paypal

Email with your Paypal email address, Prize Amount and your PL username. You have 7 days to do so or the prize will be forfeited.


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BOG Bookies

Please be aware some bookies have changed their rules as far as BOG as from today

Paddy Power - Has to be placed on the day of the race after 8am
Betfair - As above
William Hill - Only available after Midnight
Ladbrokes - On the day of the race
Betfred / Totesport - after 7am
Betway - after 9am
Unibet - Day of race
Coral - Day of race

Bet365,  Betvictor, 888sport, Boylesports, Skbet can be taken anytime.

Bookies allowed

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 22.29.43.png

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Updated times of BOG accepted

Please be aware some bookies have changed their rules as far as BOG as from today

Paddy Power - After 8am
Betfair - After 8 am
William Hill - Day of race
Ladbrokes -  Day of race
Betfred / Totesport - after 7am
Betway - after 9am
Unibet - Day of race 
Coral - Day of race
SkiBet - Day of race

Bet365,  Betvictor, 888sport, Boylesports, can be taken anytime.



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