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Serie A TIM > April 11th & 12th

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Wednesday 8 April 2015 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Parma v Udinese (16:30 GMT) 4 3.3 2.2 100.76 %
Saturday 11 April 2015 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Genoa v Cagliari (16:00 GMT) 2 3.62 4.33 100.70 %
maximize.gif Parma v Juventus (16:00 GMT) 15 6.5 1.29 99.57 %
maximize.gif Hellas Verona v Internazionale (18:45 GMT) 3.5 3.4 2.35 100.54 %
Sunday 12 April 2015 Home Draw Away BPP
maximize.gif Cesena v Chievo (10:30 GMT) 2.74 3.25 3 100.60 %
maximize.gif Atalanta v Sassuolo (13:00 GMT) 2.26 3.4 3.75 100.33 %
maximize.gif Lazio v Empoli (13:00 GMT) 1.53 4.33 8.6 99.92 %
maximize.gif Napoli v Fiorentina (13:00 GMT) 2.1 3.5 4.15 100.29 %
maximize.gif Torino v AS Roma (13:00 GMT) 3.18 3.3 2.6 100.21 %
maximize.gif Udinese v Palermo (13:00 GMT) 2.32 3.3 3.55 101.58 %
maximize.gif AC Milan v Sampdoria (18:45 GMT) 2.1 3.45 4.3 99.86 %

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Re: Serie A TIM > April 11th & 12th Atalanta Bergamo - Sassuolo Atalanta Bergamo -0.25 (AH-FT) @ 1.86 5/10 SBOBET Despite not liking what Reja is doing with Atalanta since he took over and despite Pinilla is banned and despite Denis (who was their key striker in past seasons) is out of form, Atalanta is for me a must bet this weekend. It is a risky one, but due to table situation where they NEED to get three pointer ASAP and Sassuolo is far more relaxed and able to lose this game, while I also believe that odds/line is great for taking (and already in decline) and offer nice value. Another reason why I must take this bet is fact that both first choice full backs Peluso and Vrsaljko will miss the game for Sassuolo, while despite Pinilla is out, Denis and more importantly Gomez (on him tactics is set on) are back after missing last match and also Benaluane who did not play in last game and who I rate as by far the best defender at Atalanta will play. AC Milan - Sampdoria Sampdoria +0.5 (AH-FT)@ 1.92 5/10 SBOBET OK, why odds on Milan are going down is beyond me, but despite general population is putting their money on “name”, I do think that Milan do not have the power to win this game. Sadly for fans, Milan is made as counter attack team – hence the wins against open opposition as Palermo (despite they were totally lucky to win it) and Cagliari (zone word is enough: Zeman), but when they will play far more tactical team that have excellent midfield that will be at least on par with Milan bone crunchers who lack creativity overall, this will be by far heavier to do. Sampdoria is not so high on table due to being lucky and despite Mihajlovic played the last game vs. Sampdoria totally wrong as he defended for 90 minutes, I do think if he plays same tactics again, he will at least have a point. Milan cannot make the game against defensive teams, they prosper on counter attacks (weird for such “name” club) and if the open up too much, there are excellent midfielders from Samp, who all have good technique (hopefully Acquah gets the start as I really like him) and passing skills, while I don’t have to lose many words about their attack which is superb and only problem there for Samp is that Etoo – Muriel pairing still needs some gelling. There are some misses in both teams, but none of them crucial. De Silvestri should recover on FB position for Samp, while Bonaventura is also a doubt and with him out (also Montolivo is out) Milan will again have “three Gravesens” in midfield. Parma - Juventus Under 2.5 (Match)@ 1.93 5/10 PINNACLE Early bet as odds are already in decline! Odds are set on -1.5 and this line is somewhat interesting, but let we go in more in-depth analysis of this match. Having seen what teams are capable off, the major edge goes to Juve, they are clearly the better of two teams, the team in great form and if they would want to, they could kick the ass of poor Parma team. One thing also needs to be mentioned – both teams have already (not mathematically though) get to the end of the season for them in league. Parma will be relegated, while Juve will be champions. With 9 games Juve have 14 points advantage over Roma, while Parma is 16 points behind last safety spot. So nothing can happen here. Also if Parma manages to win all of the games and secure Serie A for next season – the club will almost surely fell apart and went again from the scratch of amateur football. So I predict rotation from Juve – Monaco game is of more importance, but with missings they have it will be hard to rotate a lot. Also with slight doubts over Tevez and Pirlo I am predicting they won’t play in this game at all. Still Juventus even without all those players (Barzagli and Lichtsteiner doubts, Pogba, Marchisio out) have superb team, with two superb strikers, top defence and still solid midfield and if things will go as predicted (Juve still want three points) I reckon, they will try to do the usual Juve. Press hard in half 1, take the lead and then let the time passes by. Simply looking at performances of Parma and their quality up front, Juve defence will not have any problems of keeping the net intact; they are simply too good there.

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Re: Serie A TIM > April 11th & 12th Parma v Juventus Parma: Lila (4/2 d), Costa (18/1 d, Mauri J. (24/1 m) (all doubtful), Lucarelli (23/1 d), Biabiany (1/0 f), Galloppa (16/0 m), Mariga (6/0 m) Juventus: Asamoah (6/0 m), Romulo (2/0 m), Caceres (10/1 d), Pogba (22/7 m, 2nd top scorer), Lichtsteiner (26/3 d, doubtful), Barzagli (4/0 d) Information from more then 50 football leagues and competitions at:

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