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Atlético de Madrid v Juventus > Wednesday October 1st


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Re: Atlético de Madrid v Juventus > Wednesday October 1st This will be Wrestlemania 37 live from Madrid! Two sides with mean defences who don’t shy away from the physicality of the contest and who will battle for first position in the group. The pressure is on Atletico as it’s their home match and they lost in Greece but both sides in my opinion will cancel each other out here. Simeone played as a destroyer type midfielder in Serie A for years and will know exactly what he’s about to face here. These sides will play a game of chess tonight and will both be happy for it to remain 0-0 for as long as it takes them to carve out one quality opportunity and snatch the contest 1-0. Once one of them takes the lead , the sappers will then proceed to make their way onto the pitch to commence the “digging of the trenches” where the side in front will hold on for dear life to their advantage and do all they can to disrupt the fluidity of the match. These are two wiley teams that really know how to play for a result and don’t care how they get it. They can both be very tactical, patient and even negative in their pursuit for it as well. That’s why I’ll take under 2.5 @ 1.60 betfair

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Re: Atlético de Madrid v Juventus > Wednesday October 1st This is the match that I've been waiting for the battle of the two leaders though their own leagues gives an intense feeling. But I bet Atletico Madrid could win the collision they maybe the favourites on this match. But I think it will be a narrow victory or perhaps may ended up with a draw

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