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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

European Darts Grand Prix - 5-7 Sept


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The seventh European Tour event takes place this week in Germany with most of the top names going out for what could be a big event with places in the World Grand Prix and future events up for grabs. This one is live on all the usual betting sites so we should be able to keep on top of it. Draw, format and schedule all here: http://www.pdc.tv/news/article/12ww3rcl19zbazw52hscvqh91/title/european-darts-grand-prix-draw

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Re: European Darts Grand Prix - 5-7 Sept Two outright picks for me in this one. 1pt ew I.White to win European Darts Grand Prix 20/1 Betfred (1/2 1-2) Ian White is a solid player who has had a couple of months off now and should be refreshed for the next stage of the season. Unlike some of the top boys he hasn't been travelling the world in the last month and that should give him an advantage this weekend. He has found himself in a nice section of the draw so should be able to ease himself into the tournament and once he's done that his freshness should really come out when the manic final day of this tournament comes around. White has shown he's capable of winning tournaments and given his draw he looks a touch too big here. 1pt ew T.Jenkins to win European Darts Grand Prix 40/1 BetVictor (1/2 1-2) Terry Jenkins is in a similar boat to Ian White in that he hasn't been off to Singapore and Australia recently so he should be coming into this tournament nice and fresh. Jenkins' form this year has been very good and he's a canny old fox and he'll know this is an opportunity to bank some serious dosh to help his qualifying chances for the World Grand Prix and his seeding for the bigger tournaments to come later in the year too. Jenkins can beat anyone over this distance but his early draw isn't bad either and if he gets to the business end I wouldn't be at all surprised if Jenkins banks a second title of the year here.

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Re: European Darts Grand Prix - 5-7 Sept [TABLE=class: couponTable]

[TR] [TH][/TH] [TH=class: firstColumn]Friday 5 September 2014[/TH] [TH]Player 1 [/TH] [TH]Player 2[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] McDine, K v Lovett, J (14:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.61 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.5 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.90 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Narain, S v Haines, J (14:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.66 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.00 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Clark, M v Henderson, J (15:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.3 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.4 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.73 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Klaasen, J v Evans, Ricky (15:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.66 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.4 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.65 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] de Decker, M v Hopp, M (16:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.44 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.56 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Hine, S v Hubbard, James (16:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.5 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.00 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] de Vreede, R v Marijanovic, R (17:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.6 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.62 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.60 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Webster, D v Jones, W (17:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.7 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.37 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.93 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Rosenauer, M v Aubrey, C (18:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.25 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.74 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.92 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Dowling, K v Anderson, K (18:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.62 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.62 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]99.63 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Goldammer, S v Rodriguez, RJ (19:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.4 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.84 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Cullen, Joe v Suljovic, M (19:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.25 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.76 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.97 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Van de Pas, B v Gilding, A (20:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.61 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 2.37 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]104.01 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Painter, K v Wade, J (20:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.25 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.44 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.02 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Meulenkamp, R v Hamilton, A (21:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.25 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.36 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]104.10 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Bunting, S v Artut, J (21:30 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.33 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.75 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.69 %[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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