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PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread

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Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread

laidbackbloke - 255 on Daily Record tonight - biggest I've seen by far ..... could that be because of your win (and subsequent promotion) on here?
:unsure Wow .............you mean people actually pay attention to the nonsense i write :lol I suppose I might be responsible for a few of the PL having a go ................... but the numbers are going up each evening as betfred gets more popular. With the promotion in the paper each saturday, I'd imagine sundays could be the busiest nights (too many people out on the piss on saturday :lol ) the site will keep getting busier, so the earlier you play, the better the chance you will have of qualifying :ok Actually come to think of it, encouraging good players to try and qualify for the final is probably not the smartest move i've ever made:lol
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Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread Well I dont often get the chance to post on here much as I hardly ever play MTT's but.... This evening I was playing to clear my bonus on VC and doing ok, 3-400 up for the day. I do like to play two games at once tho and although it was coming to the end of an 8hr session for me I was searching other sites for a decent game. Unable to find a good 1/2 or 2/4 game anywhere I ended up on fulltilt poker. This is not my usual haunt, but I have bonus money there and I get 25% rakeback so I sat down at a 1/2 NL cash game and bought in for 200....2 hrs later........... fulltilt6dr.jpg

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Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread How did you get on in the rounders tournament? Ive had a look at them but not entered yet - i like the whole idea and format of them. One question though - do you get money for the top 3 placed like normal STTs do? Or do you have to go all the way to the top level? Well done Jezza - i like the look of that site. Looks a good laugh with all the characters etc in it. Ive posted this on another forum - be good if a group of you's are interested too. After my success in my first MTT last week - im doing one again this Saturday night. Wondering if anyone fancies entering same tourney and having a last man standing competition - be a bit of banter and a good laugh if anyones up for it.

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Re: PL Internet Poker Bragging Thread

Another funny one :dude. Played 4k on 365. 60 paid Im 61st with 1.6k (blinds 2/4k). Crapy cards, so it comes to BB and Im getting 23. Table folds to one guy and he shows AK. Caught a 2 on the flop and made $12 :lol.
Played the same on today and finished 37th with $23. Just one thing. Yesterday I went out with AK to A9. He caught 9 on the flop. Today I went out with AK to A8. He caught 8 on the flop. Coincidence?? Hmmm. No hard feelings to the guy with huge stack ;).
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