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AC Milan v FC Barcelona > Tuesday October 22nd

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Re: AC Milan v FC Barcelona > Tuesday October 22nd

I like cards here as well. The ref is German Felix Brych. In 13 games this season, he has shown a whopping 8 red cards. On top of Petar Gal's point about Milan trying to stop Messi and Neymar, I believe there is also a level of ego for players for teams like Milan, who don't like being given the run-around. This often leads to cynical fouls, even if the game is decided. In what is a hostile atmosphere, Barca would not be adverse to fouling as well, quite possibly tactical fouling if they are exposed on the break. These teams have played each other twice in each of the last 3 seasons, and the booking points make up has been 40, 40, 90, 40, 95 and 50. So the overs is hardly an obvious call on these stats, however given the ref's fondness for a red, the way to go on this may be a buy of booking points @47 with Sporting Index. Will wait to see what the other bookies price up in the morning.
This ended up 4 yellows for 40 points, so dodged a bullet. However would of felt hard done by if I was on, as Robhinio and Kaka could well have been booked, and while I missed the incident, according to the commentators the ref bottled giving Muntari a red. I wonder if he would of given it before last Friday.
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Re: AC Milan v FC Barcelona > Tuesday October 22nd

Tuesday Champions League gives us several top matches ' date= the most interesting will be held at the San Siro. The traditional virtually every Champions League draw, opposition Milan vs Barcelona , the forecast 1(+1) for 1.85 Pinnacle. Let me explain why I take a head start on Milan, coming in mid-table in Serie A , against very strong Barcelona. Before talking directly about the teams , I would say that such confrontation in principle unpredictable, especially in the group stage , when Barcelona are 100% sure that will come out of the group , and Milan is hardly questioned. That is, even under question the motivation of the same Barca - from the group just come out , and while can focus on a comfortable lead in Primera, the spring to focus on the key matches of the Champions League. And when the match is unpredictable , you have to play from the line - I do , anyway. And then , if you look at the line is obvious value on hosts. Confrontation Milan and Barcelona will always cause a huge interest in football fans all over the world. Two clubs with a great history, a great tradition and serious ambitions. The colors of Milan and Barcelona have always defended the leading players of the world and in whatever state clubs are , these fights are always loud billboard. Now , both teams once again be called contenders to win the tournament. And now for the teams. AC MILAN - now , this is a completely different team than it was just a couple of seasons ago. This Milan is young and enthusiasm , and most importantly hungry for victories. If Allegri will be able to build a team that will show stable game throughout the season , that Milan will be able to achieve very much. His team showed potential in the second half of last season. Milan in the Champions League with Barca played many times in recent years. And at the San Siro since 2004 , 5 games , the Rossoneri did not allow themselves to lose Barca larger than 1 goal. Actuall 2 wins Milan, 1 draw and 2 minimum Barca victory. Although , frankly , Barcelona two years ago was considered best team in the world, which is pointless to say today , do not think so , and even if Barcelona is one of the strongest. Yes , Milan is not very good in the championship began , however, the situation is gradually getting better in terms of physical fitness. Allegri's team always fail in September , but then dispersed. I've seen only after the break the match between AC Milan vs Udinese - and though the expense of 1:0, I've noticed that Milan has added greatly to physics. The team is running and breathing much better. So I would not bet on Barca only because Milan is now in bad shape. It is not in as bad as a month ago. Well, it's still a Champions League match, at San Siro expected sell-out - Milan , whatever it may be, will fight tooth and nail. Six months ago, Milan , being in the same underdog situation beat much more motivated Barca 2-0, although it was the Champions League play- offs , not "gangbang" where Barca usually plays very relaxed. Milan in the last 8 home games in the Champions League conceded just two goals. As for BARCELONA , then from the "bluagrana" by contrast , expect some problems at the start of the season. It seems that with the new coach Gerardo Martino Barcelona will take some time for the team to understand the philosophy of their coach and began playing again in full force. But in practice, the Catalan club did not take any time , and Barcelona lost their first points in the championship, only in the last round , just ahead of a meeting with Milan Barcelona plays slowly , especially in away matches , receive constantly - 10 goals conceded in the last 6 away matches in the Champions League. That is, if Milan score , it impassable for 1(1+) Barca must score 3 - and Milan so much at home games rarely misses. Well, bigger than 1 goal , Milan in the Champions League home games lost once in the last 19 matches (!). At the same time , the shaft of an exit for 1.55 Barca not entirely accurate. Barca failed to score Osasuna on Saturday, and it was not relaxed - Messi is injured and is not yet ready , and the team not by individual genius Messi, push the opponent's defense failed. Well, even if you take the group stages Barca - this season in an away match barely pressed through Celtic 0-1, in the past to the same Celtic they've lost ... I do not think it's worth taking the winning team , which in the last 9 exits the Champions League won only 3 times, just 1,55. Judging by whatever, people continue to have inertia money on Barca. Not 100 % sure , but it still goes on guests , as Milan in terms of standings so far in the ass - and in the Serie A are in the middle, in the Champions League lost points. However, I think , in the aggregate of the above factors , can conclude that the guests will still give enough fight - Barca in the Champions League away matches are not always attentive (especially in the group stage).
Congrats for not taking the favorite on a very hard match to predict!
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