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Sassari - Galatasaray starts in 50 mins, so i'll be short. galatasaray already covered against teams like milano and montepaschi during the camp, they didn't have too many players included in eurobasket and they don't have any injury worries, for now. sassari is in a positive trend as a club, but i rate their squads to be at least one, two level worse then galatasaray. they lack size and depth in front court, although galatasaray doesn't have world beater big's, it'll be still too much for italians. i don't think everyone will find decent limits and i didn't check the availability on other bookies, so i'm posting this with minimum stake. ​Galatasaray(-3) 1/10 @ 1.935 (pinnacle)

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Re: Club Friendly Turk Telekom - Karsiyaka TT had been a disharmonious club recently, they almost traditionally completes summer transfers very late and they make lots of transactions during the season. This season seems to be different, as they built a decent squad on paper and all transfers seem to be complete. But, today I don't trust them, important players like J.Shipp and K.Tunceri, rotation player M.Kaya had been faced with some injuries lately, I'm not sure if coach Vrankovic will use them frequently. Also, L.Andric didn't play any of friendly games so far, since he was at EuroBasket until last day, I don't think he'll have heavy minutes today, as well. TT lost last two friendly games, against teams I would rate worse then Karsiyaka. KSK contained all integral parts of last season's successful campaign, except A.Aminu, but they brought E.Batista, who should be enough to compensate that. They structurally didn't change anything from last season as well, whereas TT had never been a consistent club structure wise. KSK had beaten Nizhny Novgorod by double digits lately, whereas TT had lost against Enisey Krasnoyarsk, which I rate a worse team then NN. If this was a league game and TT was without problems, I would've took them to cover, but under current circumstances, I believe KSK will win and cover. Karsiyaka(-5.5) 1/10 @ 1.99 Ted Kolejliler - Royal Hali Gaziantep 5 days ago, these two teams met and Gaziantep won 83-73. That game was played in Gaziantep and this game will be in Ankara, but is that enough to make Ted favorite, since these are just friendly games, anyway? Besides that game, Ted got destroyed against an another mediocre Turkish team, namely Mersin Belediye, whereas Gaziantep put solid performance against an another mediocre team namely Aliaga. Both teams made tons of transactions during summer, but I rate Gaziantep to have the better squad. Differing then previous games, guard C.Tucker is cleared to play for Ted and he'll definitely bring something to the table, but he was just a mediocre player at best, last season, I really doubt his return is enough to justify Ted being set as favorite. Gaziantep(+4) 1/10 @ 1.917

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