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Back with a bang

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After a week off poker due to my broken laptop, borrowed my flatmates laptop for an all night session. Firstly I have to say I played at blinds above what I should have played at, and I did have some early luck, but after that it all went well. 2am : Finished watching Team America. Borrowed laptop planning to watch Monty Python And The Holy Grail. Decided to quickly check my e-mail, and 30 minutes later I deposited £20 into my betfair account. 3am : Lost my money, playing $0.50/$1 NL, all-in pre-flop with AK, losing to JT. 3.30am : Decided I'd stick £20 more in, planning to play pretty aggressively. First hand (still at the $0.50/$1) got dealt QQ in the BB. One small raise, everyone folds, I re-raise all in (I know it wasn't a great play, but as I said I wanted to play very aggressively, at least if I lost I was going to sleep). He calls, turns over AA :puke . Flop brings a Q, no A shows up, and I double up. 5am : Staying on the same table I get to a high of $150, eventually leaving the table with about $125. 5.10am : Another "masterstroke" sees me moving up to the $1/$2 tables, this time the 6 player one. Believe me when I say that I would not normally do this with this bankroll, but I was going well, and everyone had left my previous table. Anyway, got upto around $230, and was about to leave when the table went down to 3 players, dealt K8 in the small blind (I limp in against the BB). Flop comes 88K. Not quite the nuts, but I'd take that every time. I check the flop and turn, and make a tiny bet on the river, he re-raises me all-in immediately (sadly he had only about $60), and I collect the cash. That's how to go from £40 to $297.71 in 4 hours, playing above the correct limits. To top it off I sat out straight after he manages to top up his funds (ok, I probably would have had that too, but I'm quite tired by now, so I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of any of his money back) with the following short (but I find entertaining) conversation following. Dealer: Game #433882983, dave10 wins pot (US$103) with A Full House, Eights full of Kings IWorkHere (observer): lol IWorkHere (observer): what great luck I have IWorkHere: pretty lucky Dealer: Game #433883943, dave10 wins pot (US$19) IWorkHere: I have the best luck in the world IWorkHere: cheating ass phaggot Dealer: Game #433884523, JasonM77 wins pot (US$4) dave10: goodbye, thanks for the game IWorkHere: enjoy losing it IWorkHere: retad IWorkHere: retard IWorkHere: luck runs out IWorkHere: schmuck dave10: :) Earlier on (5 minutes earlier) I'd limped in with AA in the small blind, and he raised me, I re-raised and he folded after a lot of thought. He followed that with Dealer: Game #433879103, dave10 wins pot (US$20) IWorkHere: lol IWorkHere: that will cost you IWorkHere: big time :rollin Anyway, that was such a rubbish post considering that some of you guys could write better stories from every day of your poker playing, I just get quite hyper when I get this tired.

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Re: Back with a bang Nah, it's nice to read about a Dave doing well in poker (lucky or through skill!). :ok Hell, I've been on the wrong end of a beating when holding AKo in a no limit hold'em cash game (lost to pocket queens which held up. First ever hand dealt to me in a NL cash game and I stuck in all of my $50 in like a muppet over at Ladbrokes. Serves me right I suppose. I've never played a NL cash game since! :o ). Some of you lot have got more balls than the likes of me will ever have! :rollin How much did you get away with eventually?

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Re: Back with a bang

Yeah well played Dave. I have to admit the place hasn't been the same without you lately. :(
Full of peace and harmony without me right?
Live by the river.........die by the river I think sums up Daves PL IV
Don't listen to Jezza, it was my supreme skill that carried me through. Got the use of another flatmates' laptop for a few hours, so time for a bit more poker.
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