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Glory Hunters Forum RULES


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The purpose of this forum is to allow members to run Glory Hunts, there is no specific definition of what a Glory Hunt is, it is simply a betting system and how it works could be anything. The rules have been kept to an absolute minimum. In other Forums on Punters Lounge posters are required to give information such as reasoning behind a bet. Here you give as much or as little as you want as long as you stick to the rules.

Glory Hunters Forum Rules.

- Stick to a single thread per Glory Hunt. To keep the forum as a whole clear with distinct threads. No problem if someone runs multiple threads as long as the subject, hunt, for each thread is different. - In the top post give a description of your Glory Hunt with as much or as little detail as you are willing to give. If you don't want to give any details just say so. People do actually read your thread and will appreciate the info in the top post so they know what it's about. You may also use the top post to maintain a 'current result' status of the thread and update that, along with the thread title, - Absolutely NO EDITING of posts containing selections. Results (or correcting mistakes) are to be added in a new post quoting the post with selections. You can continuously edit the thread title or top post to show the current status of the hunt. Edits create doubt as it may appear bets have been changed afterwards, even when this is not the case at all. No editing means no hassle. - Keep a running account of the results and update regularly. There is no fixed format for this as long as the profit/loss can clearly be seen at the end of the thread. Absence of a running results account may result in the thread being closed. - Post regular bets BEFORE the event. - Post in-play bets AS SOON AS the bet has been made. Include all relevant information to each bet, minimal: date, event and time, selection, odds, stake. Here also there is no fixed format as long as it's clear what the bet is. ONLY post in-play bets if you are willing to provide a screenshot when requested. Requests for screenshots are made by moderators, not just anyone. If anyone has doubts about a bet and thinks a screenshot is in order he should contact a mod. ( if PM is not yet available to you use the email adress team@punterslounge.com ) Please note if you wish to run a "Consecutive winners" thread and be mentioned in the league table then your bets must also be numbered sequentially. Not required but highly recommended - In the top post give an indication when you will post your selections, it will be greatly appreciated by anyone who wants to follow your Hunt. - Post a clear aim or target for your hunt. We don't mind 'i'll see how far i get' threads but in our experience they simply aren't efficient. - Use a starting bank of 100 points, it is most common with betting systems and makes it easier for people to compare with other systems. It's fine if you want to use monetary stakes and bank. Please note we do expect you to use 'real' amounts and large stakes may prompt a moderator to ask for a screenshot, even for regular bets posted before the event. - Provide information. It is after all a Forum, the more info you provide the more feedback you will get. No after-eventing. We would like to remind you of the house rules where it is clearly stated:

6. After Eventing – Please do not do this as it only gets negative feedback. We’re happy if you’ve won your bet, but if you didn’t post the bet before it kicked off, then please don’t mention it afterwards. However if you did, feel free to fire off a 10 gun salute or something similar.
The GH forum allows for an exception to the general rule of NO AFTER-EVENTING by allowing in-play bets to be used in a Glory Hunt. The condition is however that a moderator may ask for a screenshot of a bet. In fact it is recommended you provide a screenshot before being asked especially in cases where you have a big winner or a bet just before a goal is scored. Screenshots can be posted in the thread or if requested by a moderator by email to that moderator. Apart from that exception the no after-eventing rule also applies to the Glory Hunters forum. Do not talk about results unless the bets have been posted on Punters Lounge before the event. Moderation Posters of threads that don't comply with the above rules will be asked by the moderators to make adjustments. Please do not take that personally, our aim is simply to make the forum work well for everyone. People who repeatedly disregard any of these rules may find their thread getting closed and in extreme cases find themselves banned from use of the forum. If you wish to object to an action of one of the moderators then don't do so on the open forum. Contact Punters Lounge owner Paul Ross by email on team@punterslounge.com to discuss the matter. No commercial Tipsters/Websites/Services. This Forum is not intended for commercial Tipsters/Websites/Services/Etc... to post proofing threads or even to plainly advertise. ( either openly or covertly ) Any thread deemed to fall under this category will be remove and the poster banned at the sole discretion of the moderators team. Any exception to this rule needs to be requested beforehand by contacting PL's owner Paul Ross on team@punterslounge.com
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