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** April Poker League Result : 1st Rav, 2nd kevsul, 3rd McG **
** April Naps Competition Result: 1st Craig bluenose, 2nd BBBC, 3rd LEE-GRAYS. KO Cup Winner dj.orange. Most Winners Johnrobertson **

NBL Playoffs....

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Expecting this playoff series to be an absolute fill up to be honest. New Zealand and Perth continue to dominate this league and have done so for the past few seasons. Both semi finals are absolute mis-matches for mine and both should not make a third game. New Zealand vs Sydney Well the Breakers had a 13 win streak going before a last game defeat to perth and finished the season clearly top of the ladder and are a class above sydney and in fact i expect the breakers to almost cover the line in the first quarter if not by half time they should be out to a double figure lead. I almost choked when i read the lines put up for this weeks games because they are far to low in my opinion. Breakers last 10 games at home: Breakers 114 Melbourne 84 Margin 30 Breakers 80 Townsville 77 Margin 3 Breakers 104 Adelaide 79 Margin 25 Breakers 92 Wollongong 84 Margin 8 Breakers 98 Perth 81 Margin 17 Breakers 95 Sydney 76 Margin 19 Breakers 72 Wollongong 71 Margin 1 Breakers 97 Cairns 76 Margin 21 Breakers 94 Melbourne 64 Margin 30 Breakers 93 Townsville 63 Margin 30 As you can see 7 of the last 10 wins have been by more then 17 and 3 of them by 30. They dont just win games they smash bookmaker lines and the line is set at -11.5 for this game and its much much to low. Maximum 10 points Breakers -11.5 @ $1.90 Tab Sportsbet.

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Re: NBL Playoffs.... Perth vs Wollongong. Heres another team which is unbeatable at home and should absolutely put the hawks and the bookies line also set at -11.5 to the sword. The stats for perth at home this season are absolutely unbelievable winning 13 of 14 games and averaging a stingy 58 points against. Wollongong have beaten perth twice in wollongong this season but perth at home are a very different proposition and in fact perth have covered the lines both times at home against the hawks this season winning by 12 and 18. Perth's last 5 home games. Perth 73 Breakers 58 Margin 15 Perth 70 Cairns 53 Margin 17 Perth 83 Sydney 56 Margin 27 Perth 78 Melbourne 58 Margin 20 Perth 80 Crocs 52 Margin 28 As you can see they just crush teams over there and this will be no exception. Maximum 10 points Perth -11.5 @ $ 1.9 Tab Sportsbet. Maximum 10 point double Perth-11.5 into Breakers -11.5 @ $3.61 Merry Christmas :loon

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