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JAPAN: Emperors Cup.Wednesday 10 October

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[TABLE=class: couponTable]

[TR] [TH=class: firstColumn]Wednesday 10 October 2012[/TH] [TH]Home[/TH] [TH]Draw[/TH] [TH]Away[/TH] [TH=class: bppWidth]BPP[/TH] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] AC Nagano Parceiro v Yokogawa Musashino F.C. (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.2 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7.2 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]104.37 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Albirex Niigata v Fukushima United F.C. (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.3 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.75 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 9 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]109.09 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Cerezo Osaka v Montedio Yamagata (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.57 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.3 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 6.4 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.52 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Fagiano Okayama v Nagoya Grampus (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7.5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.5 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.73 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] FC Imabari v Machida Zelvia (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5.8 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.95 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.58 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]105.85 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Gamba Osaka v Mito Hollyhock (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 9.2 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.30 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Júbilo Iwata v Kyoto Sanga (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.62 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.1 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.40 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Kamatamare Sanuki v Urawa Red Diamonds (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 11 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5.2 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.35 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.40 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Kashima Antlers v Gainare Tottori (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.25 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 8 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 17 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]98.38 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Kashiwa Reysol v Shonan Bellmare (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.52 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.6 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.81 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Kawasaki Frontale v Tokushima Vortis (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.44 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.6 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 9.25 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.78 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Omiya Ardija v Avispa Fukuoka (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.72 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5.8 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]100.38 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Sagawa Shiga SC v JEF United Ichihara Chiba (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 6 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.33 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.57 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]103.40 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Shimizu S-Pulse v Tokyo Verdy (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.7 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 3.7 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5.6 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]103.71 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row0] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Vegalta Sendai v Roasso Kumamoto (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 5.1 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 9.6 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.45 %[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Yokohama F. Marinos v Yokohama FC (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.51 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7.6 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]101.61 %[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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Re: JAPAN: Emperors Cup.Wednesday 10 October Nutural venue [TABLE=class: couponTable]

[TR=class: row1] [TD]maximize.gif[/TD] [TD=class: firstColumn] Fagiano Okayama v Nagoya Grampus (11:00 BST) [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 7.5 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 4.4 [/TD] [TD=class: selectionBestOdd] 1.5 [/TD] [TD=class: bppWidth bpp]102.73 %[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] We all know on how unpredictable this games are . However i like Okayama at this price ,i think they are over priced and this odds will not last long .Okayama doesn't score much but they are not allowing goals either only 32 in 37 games ,2ed best in J-2 .The #1 place Kofu has the best record with 31goals allowed and 77 points (13 points ahead of #2.Shonan with 64 points) That tells me Okayama is very hard to break . JAPAN: J-League Division 2 10. Okayama GP37 - W14- D13- L10 Goals35:32 points-55 JAPAN: J-League 7. Nagoya GP28 - W12 - D6- L10 Goals38:41 points-42 Fagiano Okayama to win @ 7.50 betvictor, bet365 (pinny has them at 7.31) Fagiano Okayama +1 @2.05 bet365 , pinnacle @ 2.04 Fagiano Okayama +0,5 @ 2.64 pinnacle This is a value bet , it's all gonna come down to who wants to win more :) Cheers GL.
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