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P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8

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Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8

Have to hold my hands up in shame over any imposters tonight - let the password out to the bloody 'gay monster' who likes to 'walk' on the beach.:( Sorry, really had no idea that well after we had started anyone could still get with late entry - my fault... Still - got to find out about our initiation rites for PL - looking for a horse right now...
Someone please translate. I know we had some non Pl'ers tonight - all busted out BTW :clap but what is Onemore going on about?
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Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Who was Mockey and DLowe?? I know there were 3 from elsewhere NRed, PB and D.Rock. Gettin, someone came on chat and asked password and they were given it, i think thats what MrO was owning up to. Just glad they didnt win any cash. We will know for next time.

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Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Hi guys, Sorry billy if i gatecrashed:cry but i have posted games im on today and just want too be part of what you all are doing here. Yes i play poker for a living but let me tell you .. its so diffuclt to win vs amateurs or fun players!:) and it aint about the winning for me here .. its the particapation and the fun aspect. I know im a pro an all but i noticed someone cheering coz i busted out .. well thats poker and i wont cry about it .. just seems a little nasty to be cheering someone going out .. oh well .. hope i can fit in sometime! I was mocky444 by the way sorry

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Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Well done Tufty :ok Mockler :welcome I didn't notice the cheering, but its not the norm and certainly wasn't personal. As Jez said i think it was more a reaction to the unexpected invasion of non-PL players that had people "Circling the wagons" and being happy any time a non-PL member got dumped. :D ( It would have been embarressing if the members of a betting forum couldn't even win their own tournament :lol )

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Re: P.Lounge Poker Tournament III - tonight at 8 Mockler, just to outline something for you, we here at the Punters Lounge have been trying for a while to get a 'Poker' section on this very busy forum. When Paul (the owner) agreed a few of us tried our best to build up the traffic and steadily got it to where we are today, which i think is very informative and fun at the same time. None of us pretend to better or worse than each other although some play it for a living like Jezza and some are just learning the game like Punter66, we all help and treat each other as equal. We treat every newcomer to the Lounge with respect and welcome any new faces with advice the best we can. If you look at the time and effort people like Jez put in to help the 'novices' it will give you an idea who we are and what we are about. The PLounge private games is what all this has lead to and we all think its a great success, last night was our third tournament but the first time we had intruders from elsewhere gatecrashing our game. I can understand the willingness from our members that outsiders should fail after all the hard work building this thing and it was unfortunate. I will admit to being relieved when the last outsider was eliminated, not because i want anybody to lose but to what effect it would have had on future games we hold. I hope you stick around and contribute to the forum, it will be interesting to hear your views from the 'professional' side of things and im sure will be a great help to others, just bear in mind what i said about we all treat each other as equal, we never ridicule what may seem obvious to others, we here to increase our membership so tournaments like last night will be even more enjoyable to an even wider audience. Welcome to the lounge my friend Cheers BH

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