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Game 5 May 7th ~ Nash vs Yotes

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Isnt that lovely? Is anyone here follwoing the NHL Playoffs? Well this guy has been, and if youd like to see my tracker? Let me know, because if its hockey? I Cover it! Game 5 in Phoenix, and what do they do In Phoenix? SCORE!! 2 Overs in Phoenix, 2 Stone cold unders in Nashville... UM DUH!! Thats rocket science isnt it LoL These two teams get together in this building and score, and if a 2 - 2 Game for one team on the brink of elimination on the road? Its 5 people, OT INCLUDED 5 and 2.30 at Pinny! If its 2 - 2 and they hit OT? Push me, walk away unscaved no harm, no foul... If they do it again in this building? And its 2 - 1 at the end of the first period? Count your chickens kids!! LoL I cant resist both the desperation the Preds will play with to not be sent home and a 2.30 on a straight 5 here in Phoenix! Nashville vs Phoenix ~ Over 5 @ 2.30 $$ is on you!! I dont tell anyone what to spend, and no one gives a shit how much i have on it, its my play in the NHL tonight, take it or leave it LoL

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Re: Game 5 May 7th ~ Nash vs Yotes Well how about a prop to go with it? IF you frequent my own forum i host, youll know i also go by Captain Salami... because i play the salami nearly every day (NHL, MLB, Italy A).... if they offer it, im usually on something unless the line is below 1.83, because after that, i tend to stay away because i keep all my plays averaging 1.91 - 2.10 if at all possible (My tracker site i averaged 2.09 for the month of April/play) Thats value! Anyway, it sits @ 1.91 as i see it And if this over does indeed come in and i get a 4 - 3 game in Phoenix? Ill only need a 2 - 1 game in NY to cover the 9.5 with OT Incl so i play it accordingly! NHL Salami ~ Over 9.5 @ 1.91

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