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Chicago -5.5 League: 29-36-2 (Av. loss 11.0) away 5+ dog, no rest off 10- ats loss as home 5+ dog. [bost] 8-19-2 (Av. loss 15.3) if opp last @ home. 2-7-1 (1-9 this no...Av. loss 15.1) if opp lost ats @ home. League: 106-27 SU (Av. win 8.3) home 5+ fav, 1 day off 10- ats loss as home 10+ fav. [Chic] 6-1 ats (Av. win 15.9) if opp previous total was 210+ Tells me that Boston has a horrible defense...and in fact they allow 104 ppg on the road. This line should be at least 7. I think it's low because Chic lost ats to the lowly Bobcats, and also because Boston beat Chic @ home earlier this month...But as I said, Boston allow 104 ppg on the road, compared to just 94.8 @ home!! Chicago won the last meeting @ home on the 8th Jan 102-91 and I can't see any real reason why they can't again. Orlando @ Washington under 215.5 The result of the first meeting in Wash this season was 106-96. They played today @ Orlando and the score was 101-108....Wash games av. 203.8 @ home compared to 203.1 away, but Orlando games on the road drop from 203.9 to 196.9. The last 10 meetings have all gone comfortably under this number. Memphis v. Atlanta under 185.5 When will the odds makers catch up with Memphis home games?? They are 4-18 under this season. Last game in Atlanta was 89-97....But Atlanta games av. 3 points less on the road, and Memphis games av. a staggering 12.2 ppg less at home!!...That's 15 points from the first meeting. Memphis are 1-7 under in all games when the total is b/w 185 and 190. Atlanta scored 94 today, but shot 50% to do it (inc 11/19 3's!!)...and they'll find it much harder to score against a tough Memphis D.

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Re: NBA Sat ATL can't get off runway in atlanta due to an ice storm. Game is in jeopardy at the moment. Not sure how it will affect the total....Up to 187 tho! (No idea why?) Hopping straight off a plane and onto a b'ball court can't be a good thing....Memphis -13 looking a likely prospect ;)

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Re: NBA Sat i had an inkling that njn might win, dunno why... My special magic 1st quarter totals system went 5 - nil last night and its bank is doubled after 2 nights, will post the picks soon, its going 8-2 in the last 2 days. My other system entitled "copy taza" is going well, up 8.50 pts on my 25 pts starting bank. Go team Taza, looks like you were a bit unlucky with chicago last night. Evan

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