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Swedish Ice Hockey Feb 18th


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Hi guys! I have been away from the forum for years now and have only made a few bets in all of that time. I still follow hockey quite closely so I think that I still can pick a winner now and then. I'm going to watch my favourite team MODO tonight and will have a bet on another match which starts 18:30 CET. That game is: Luleå - Djurgården: Luleå 1.85 bet365:hope Luleå is still leaders of the table and will be eager to bounce back in this game since they were quite bad in the last game at home against Modo, who by the way has probably the best form in Elitserien. I very much doubt that they'll lose two in a row at home. It is also important to finish high up in the table since you get to pick your opponent first when the play-offs begin. The top of the table is really close with 3 pts separating the first four teams so I really do feel that Luleå has some motivation besides just wanting to show the home crowd that they still can win at home. Before the loss against Modo they actually had 3 wins at home in a row so the form is not bad, I regard the last game as a mishap. Djurgården only have one win in the last 6 games and do not seem to have the confidence needed to shake Luleå here. In the last game, derby against AIK, the lost 1-4. I also looked at the last 6 away games and find that they have no wins there which makes in even sweeter. I'm gonna sum it up and say that Djurgården probably has more motivation since they need to avoid qualification but Luleå has more class and will not lose two at home. Good luck and remember that I might be very, very rusty when it comes to betting.

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Re: Swedish Ice Hockey Feb 18th I'm very pleased to hear that BackBencher and warms my heart that you took an interest. We really did have a great time and I can name at least 5 great hockey punters that were around back then making the hockey threads as popular as many football threads. I surely can't make as many bets these days but I'll post here and there and see where it goes.

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